True Grit

Last night for my Wednesday night off I went to see True Grit at the AMC (formerly Star) cinema over in Fitchburg. We brought our own snacks (various candy) and then afterward ended up at the Alchemy for some flourless chocolate cake and sweet potato fries. We were treated to some live entertainment while we were there.

I found out after the movie that Madison had exploded because of the low tactics Republicans have taken to get their way, but instead opted to hang out with Laima and enjoy the slight reprieve in headache madness. I thought I had a migraine for a while there because the headache would not go away, but after awhile I saw patterns in which anything to do with my Dad’s case would make my head pound more. When the evening was done, I found that my head was pain free and I was actually quite tired. It was nice to go home — after listening to Tim talk about what happened because I didn’t have the energy to spend hours on the internet and sleep. I feel like lately I have been able to sleep in too to around 7:30 because Tim has to get up and the girls get up with him. Lately though, it’s Neeners that gets up early and hangs with him until the noise wakes Morella. I am fairly certain she will be doing her own version of sleeping in tomorrow because she is still awake here at 10:00. It is funny considering she used to be such a good sleeper when she was little. :P

I liked True Grit…it was mostly a girls story of vengeance….appropriate for my own story.

The metaphor that I came up with, is … I am told to go to the kitchen to bake a cake without a recipe. I know the kinds of things that go into a cake, but I can’t say definitively how I would go about it. There is some flour, some salt, some kind of oil or fat, sugar, an egg or three. There are folks who keep asking me how that cake is coming along and I want to answer that I am making the best damn cake I know how, but that’s the problem. I don’t know how. I am fumbling along, trying to do my best. Trying to do right by everyone that knew Dad and knows us, but not sure how to go about it.

As it stands now, we received that official letter from the District Attorney stating that he will not press charges because the girl has an underdeveloped brain and we don’t want too mar her future or ruin her life. I have a million thoughts on this, but even writing about it now stiirs the headache. We have a date set to talk with the DA about his decision set for March 21st. It was obvious in the preliminary meeting set up that he did not want to speak with me or my family by asking if we had received his email and then letter. A part of me thinks that he thinks his argument was sound enough for us to not want to take up any more of his precious time. For indeed, it must be truly precious for him to not want to do his job and seek justice.

I faxed his letter and the email that he had sent this morning to the Ho Chunk Nation, who is taking it to the Traditional Court to discuss this upcoming Monday. Our lawyer and my brother Shane will be in attendance to represent the family.

We are going to appeal the decision with the next step, and yes are still going to proceed with a civil suit eventually. Remember, the civil suit is essentially us only dealing with their insurance company. The results will have absolutely no bearing on this girl or their family, except that their premiums might go up a bit. No punishment or any indication to the girl that was she did was more than just a tragic accident. Because, it was not *just* an accident. It was more. It was blatant negligent driving.

Anyway. What more can I do? I can rally the troops, as I have been doing. I can ask that people speak for and attest to the character that my Dad had and how important he was to the community…but when it comes to legality…it is all new territory. A territory that a numerous TV shows hasn’t fully prepared me for.

Look, it is already Thursday night. This week had been speedy, exhausting, depressing and trying. The best parts about it are my wonderful friends, my kids and my angry husband.

I wish I had some True Grit.

One thought on “True Grit

  1. Sarah

    You are doing the best that anyone can do. We all watch the TV shows, too, but we’re just average citizens without law degrees or lawyerly personalities, so any of us would be flummoxed by the events you are going through.

    I am glad to hear that:
    1) you will meet with the DA in person.

    2)there is a way to appeal, and that you have plans in place to do it. The buck does not stop with this DA. If it did, he’d be the Emperor of Wisconsin. DarwinZweigistan.

    3) there is communication and discussion with the Ho Chunk Nation, and that your lawyer and Shane will be there. They need to know how this Darwin Zweig is operating, and they may be able to provide legal and informational support for a countermaneuver.

    You’ve got a lot of ducks in a row already. Legal actions can take time, though, and lots of “what-ifs” and stress, though I know you’d like (all of us would like) to start firing at the ducks right now.

    We’re thinking of you lots. Take care. Make projects. Try to rest…make a “worries list” and burn it, pray, or do the “mindfulness” thinking Hilary recommended some time ago.

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