Birthday Parties and Protests

It was a good weekend, but busy. This afternoon we spent a few hours all piled into our bed amid the comforters and flannel sheets reading books, playing with balloons, talking and cuddling. The girls loved it, and I was able to get warm and not have to exert much energy. It was just one of those days were I wanted to spend it all sitting on the couch, going to bed to read or sitting on the other couch. ;)

This afternoon we met up with our friends Ann and her son Noah to watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Morella and Neeners came away with a huge back of candy, a couple necklaces and a new found appreciation for parades. Awesome! Morella is finally at an age where she *gets* it. Just think the next parade will be warm. Oh and she was personally handed a bunch of candy from Mayor Dave, and Tim got a pat on the shoulder. Ha ha. I bet it was because he was holding Neeners though. Ahh..spring is in the air. This Thursday it is supposed to be near 60. I also noticed that there are some crocus plants by the front step poking through. Before you know it the Snow Drops will be blossoming.

Saturday morning we were at the Capitol again to see the mighty Tractorcade — 50 or so tractors from farmers around Wisconsin “Pulling Together” in protest of the budget bills. There were so many people there, I would say there was even more than the second Saturday protest a couple of weeks ago that said it go 100K. They say it was between 85-100…but … I think it was more than that. We broke up our protest with a play break at the Children’s Museum. I am so glad that I got the membership back in October, it has paid for itself through and through. We finally left around 2:00 because the girls were tired and we had to get ready for a 4:00 birthday party. We came back and Neeners took a short nap while I wrapped the presents and found a card. The birthday party was for one of Morella’s neighbor friends who was turning 3. A future classmate. :D The party was really good and we stayed until 7:00, came back and put the girls to bed.

What we didn’t do this weekend was major cleaning, or going to Milwaukee to see the nephew — Canaan. I guess we will have to go next weekend. But I should probably call. I have been having a heck of time returning phone calls and writing because of the heavy nature of what is going on with my Dad’s case. I am nervous about how it is going to go tomorrow at Traditional Court and look forward to Shane and Gaga Lori’s report. The lawyer said he would also be present, so that is reassuring.

I won an hour long massage last month at an open house for Elevation Spa and Salon. I called and made an appointment last week when my head was bursting with pain and I was tense. My appointment is for tomorrow at 10:00AM (Exactly the same time Traditional Court convenes). I am nervous about putting the girls into their Kids Zone for an hour, but I was assured that no one has ever had to be called out of an appointment early. I hope so. I hope they are good with the girls. Neeners has been very beastly and clingy the last couple of days. Her bottom jaw is swollen and looks all rumply. Tim thinks she might be getting four teeth at once. Poor kid. But wait, poor me! All she wants to do is nurse, nurse, nurse. How can I deny her the only thing that comforts her?

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