Protest Photos

Working through my full camera.

Me and my friend Amy up at the Capitol on a cold Wednesday night.

We got a nip at Paul’s club to warm us up.

My old high school friend A.J. came down from Ashland, WI to get his protest on. He got a lot of compliments on his sign.

The girls got a free ham sandwich and apple for lunch.

These were the guys who made it.

I guess I was wrong, there are palm trees in Wisconsin. ;)

The metal detectors inside the Capitol.

The cool officers who talked with me and the girls while A.J. waded his way through security. I talked primarily with the older guy.

The girls have had an early demonstration of what democracy looks like…several times over. Ask them what is disgusting and they will tell you.

One thought on “Protest Photos

  1. Sarah

    Laughing out loud at the palm tree in Wisconsin. Fox News reference? I love that glowing picture of the Capitol building, and the one of the friendly cops. It’s fascinating to me how the police are so very much with the people in this, to the extent of resisting orders.

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