You know when you are prompted to put in your password and username to word press, it has been awhile. I wish it weren’t so. I have thought about posting every single day for the past week…since the last post, but just haven’t. I guess that is because of a mental block.

On Monday we went up to Neillsville to confront the District Attorney regarding his decision to not press criminal charges. It was amazing. There were about 30 Ho Chunks and two non-HoChunks. Everybody who wanted to speak were given a chance to do so, and there was a lot of great commentary and words spoken. I was really impressed with what can come out in the heat of the moment, or maybe some of them did prepare statements, but I don’t think so. Anyway, long story short we made the District Attorney uncomfortable and grilled him for two hours. He tried to pass off inaction to the cops, but they weren’t gonna take it, and didn’t look very pleased to have been pulled out from whatever it was they were doing to be accused in front of everyone by a weasly little DA.

Of course we didn’t change his mind. I did not go into that meeting with that thought. Why I set it up and went was because I wanted the DA to face his actions (or lack of) and explain himself. The only things that he was sorry for at the of the meeting was putting in that my Dad struggled with alcohol and his underdeveloped brain theory (he later changed his tune to beyond a reasonable doubt). Our next step is to appeal the decision with a judge, but a judge who is not from Clark County. The DA did say that he would talk with the current judge to recuse and refer the case to another judge, lets hope he does that at the very least. Many of us do not think that we would get a fair chance in Clark County.

So there we go. We are back to waiting. Our attorney filed a John Doe appeal today and it will take some time.

The other crap going on in my life is constant warring over who gets to play with certain toys. OH NEENERS HAS JUST CLIMBED INTO MY LAP. I WILL TRY FOR MORE POSTING LATER.

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