Life and Times

Hey folks what’s up? It feels like forever since we sat down and had a chat. This weekend was meh. I had been fighting a cold since last weekend and Wednesday it finally burst through my nose. I felt miserable Thursday and Friday feeling like a piston was exploding in my right nostril every five seconds. What’s worse is that Neeners came down with it too and has been a comfort nursing maniac. I feel like it’s manifested itself in Morella, who is feeling jealous of everything Neeners this whole week. I feel bad for the poor girl. Tim is outside now in that below freezing weather picking up poop and pushing her on the swing. At least it is sunny.

I should really do our taxes. I found out that I have pay taxes for the girls too. I hadn’t realized that I needed to do it and so I didn’t do it last year. I have an appointment set up with H&R Block for them on Tuesday. I am pretty confident that I can do my own though. I am glad I found out now instead of too late. There had been a massive pile of mail stacked up on the green table from over a month of ignoring it. Sometimes I wish I could pay myself to be my own secretary. I would be so on top of things then!

Since I was sick we haven’t done much. We didn’t leave the house for three days. Tim slept most of yesterday in an effort to erase the built up stress. For dinner last night I decided we would have ice cream. So I bundled the girls up and we went to Woodmans to get some ice cream. Then we had pizza and home made pop corn while watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I told them that we were having a party. They loved it and everyone went to bed 8:30. I forgot I was thawing bread out so I stayed up a little later baking it and then headed to bed myself at 10:00. It was another rough night because Neeners was up so much with a frog in her throat and wanting to be attached to my breast. It is times like this that I look forward to when she is weaned, but at the same time I know I will miss it. I will miss having my little baby cuddled up next to me, caressing my neck with her soft little hands.

I have been working on catching up with little tasks and organizational projects around the house. Things like clearing off desks, sorting through toys and putting things away or creating a spot for them to be.

Friday night we had a little excitement. I was laying down for a little rest while Tim was playing My Little Pony with the girls when we heard a loud boom. The neighbor two doors down was having a tree taken down. The workers dropped a branch on an electrical wire and blew a fuse. Twenty eight folks, including ourselves, lost power for two hours. It was near nightfall when it happened so I went around light a bunch of candles and found some flashlights for the girls. Morella and Neeners were a buzz with excitement and Morella couldn’t stop talking about it. Miraculously enough they went to bed and slept a little past their bedtime. I guess a bonus is that our house smelled like the candle section in a Hallmark store for the night. I can just imagine how much of early birds we would be if we still relied on candle lit power at night. I remember reading an article that said people in the old days got about 10 hours of sleep a night because they went to bed soon after nightfall. I believe it. Though who stayed up to stoke the fire? Did they naturally remember to do it or did they just wake up to the cold?

Well I planted the taxes bug in my head so I should probably go ahead and start doing that while Neeners is napping and Tim is gone with Morella on a bike ride.

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