Back at work. Doing nothing much…well wait. I did make a phone call when I got in, and I did make a To Do list, and I do plan on helping out with the Science Career Forum. My wisdom tooth hurts like a sonnaofabith and I am unhappy with my outfit, my hair looks like crap and …. um and I think my shoe is damanged from my harrowing experince climbing down this hill in Scotland. OH, and I finished my vacation write up, if you are intereted I would be happy to put it up on the Excerpts section….let me know if you are still interested and then I will make the effort.

Wednesday – Angel should be new again..I didn’t even watch last weeks yet. Dangitall. I am also really liking my Monday night SG1 fix, Mischa said he would lend me the first season DVD and I might just have to take him up on that offer.

Sent out two letters today. One to Sarah and one to Virginia from Texas ( what a relief…I was owing everyone a letter…it feels nice to get out of letter debt), gonna finish the rest this week….maybe quite a few tonight. 8)

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