Push up motivation

Morella was up until 11:00 last night. I would have expected her to be a complete mess this morning, but instead it seems as if Neeners is the mess…as usual. Morella is already dressed and had requested that we go somewhere today. I am not sure. I have a feeling if i take them someplace right now they will fall asleep and there goes the possibility for a good nap. Unless I leave them in the car that is, I might have to find a new book on the Kindle to read….and it is sunny out so we wouldn’t freeze if they took a car nap in the drive way. I got dressed too and feel a little sausagey. Hurry up spring and get here so I can get out of the house and be more active.

In other news, today I am push up 28. Tim started this thing at the beginning of the year to do as many push up as the day of the year. He started on January first and, with the exception of the last few days, is up to an impressive amount of push ups. While I can’t really see myself doing 365 push ups by March 1, 2012…it’s not entirely possible. At first I thought Tim was a little nuts, that was until I saw what two months of doing progressively more push ups can do. I mean, wow…Tim has arm muscles and is getting definition in his back and shoulders. It was just…impressive. He did nothing else but push ups. So I thought to myself, “Self, you can do that too.” And so I am. Except you know, I can’t do a full fledged army style push up, so I do the modified girl push up which is from my knees. Maybe by next March I will be strong enough to do actual pushups and will switch over to that. I don’t know. It’s also good for me to the modified because I still have a weak link in my left left from the back surgery I had a decade ago. Oh well, it beats being wheel chair bound, you know?

Yesterday I was a little disappointed near bed time that I had already done all my push ups for the day (a feeling I am sure I won’t feel much of in the coming days). I guess I had just felt stronger and better after being sick and stressed out for a week.

As for yesterday, I did do my taxes. Hurray! We aren’t getting as much back as last year but that is because Tim started claiming one dependent at his new job, instead of claiming none. We used to not take any dependents because we usually owed money on taxes and it was an easy way to not have to write a big check at the the beginning of the year. So that was one big thing that I did that felt like a lot more than it was. Oh I also “hand crafted, two genuine artisan tutu’s” from stripes of pink and white tulle and lots of different colored ribbons. They are matching, which is necessary because these girls fight about everything and love to wear matching outfits, shoes, tutus, etc. There, I did two very important things yesterday.

Now onto today. What important thing can I accomplish today other than getting dressed? Ha ha. I could try and leave the house. Oh I paid the water bill, and a few other bills. I should get Neeners dressed now and find these girls some socks.

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