Zoo, Dream park, garage sale, Ihop and new Mommy

Wednesday was pretty good. It was 40′s, sunny and spring like so I took the girls to the Zoo to meet up with a few of her friends. Morella and Neeners had a blast and it was mostly preschool and toddler aged children there and sparse. There were not that many animals out when we got there. We did get to see the tiger up close and personal as it was doing it paces right next to the glass window. Then while we were waiting for the friends to arrive we noticed that the giraffes feeding cage was being filled with hay. We pointed that out to the kids and asked them what it was and what they were doing and they correctly guessed hay and it was food. Soon thereafter the giraffes were let out into the yard and Morella screamed like a little fan girl and jumped up and down in excitement. It was so darn cute. We also checked out the polar bear, and the flamigos doing the famous flamigo polka before heading to the carousel. They have a new policy this year which requires the adult to stand there and hold on to them buy a token too. Lame. They only got one ride. I was proud of Neeners though for sitting on the unmoving giraffe without screaming in fear.

My Wednesday night was another heading out the door with no definite plans. I went over to Laima’s so I could try out an idea that Tim and I have had about hammering bottle caps into mini cones for a jingle dress. Laima has some anvils and fancy hammers that she was willing to let me use. After a few experiments I found a great system for pounding them out and folding them so they look great. I will be heading over there on some Monday’s so that we can head to her basement studio, work on loud crafts (her welding, glass grinding, blow torching…etc) while listening to the radio. It will be like we are dudes working on our cars in the garage. Ha ha.

Then I left her place so she could go to sleep and headed over to Sigrid’s unannounced. Her husband had just let to the UK for two weeks so I wanted to see if she wanted company for a few hours. She was in the process of redoing her bathroom so I rolled up my sleeves and got to work rough sanding all the wood work and molding. It was a nice way to spend some time since I don’t do loud home improvement type things at home all the time.

Today I got up groggy, but recovered fast after some coffee and breakfast. I got the girls and myself dressed and we headed over to the Dream Park in Monona for a playdate with some more of Morella’s buddies. It was much better than the last time we were there because Neeners wandered around a bit more and Morella was in heaven playing with friends (Tracy/Aubrey — finally a girl to play with, and Emily/Leo) and running around. Maybe Neeners was better because no one tried to climb the structures since there was a bunch of big girls running around playing. We went for another little hike through a sand pit, to a coniferous forest, found some magic feathers, saw some mountains and walked the cliffs of doom before snacking on some cheese puffs. I was proud of myself for remembering to find the sanitizer and sanitizing the kids hands because they handled bird feathers before eating. After that we picked up Lowen and went to our first garage sale of the year as a group. I did go to a garage sale last week with Neeners while Morella was napping and got some awesome old timey dishes, some weird art work and a crappy electronic toy. This time I found a hand saw, some command wall adhesive stickers and Neeners found this ridiculously large, blue car that she hauled around and had to defend from a trio of hispanic girls twice. Morella, not to be left out, picked out a little red car. Later, when we got home, Morella won the battery lottery. By that, I mean, when we put batteries into the cars…hers worked but Neeners did not. Oh well. It was 12.5 cents each.

Loot in hand, we left and headed over to Ihop for lunch. Kids eat free on Thursdays. :) I love Ihop, except for that serving Pepsi business. Sadly, Neeners mistook the 15 minute snooze on the ride back to drop of Lowen and go home for a real nap. After nursing and resting for a few minutes we all headed out to the back yard where I picked more creeping charlie while they wandered around and played. Oh I also picked up sticks using my ever awesome, handy grabber, and sawed a few bigger sticks to put in a pile for the brush campfires we will have in the spring/summer.

Stephanie and her son Wyatt came over around 4 for a playdate. I tried to put a super crabby Neeners down for a nap but she wouldn’t have any of it. If that girl had her wish she would be attached to my boob all freaking day. We went outside and visited while the kids puttered around and I held Neeners for the majority of it (and picked up sticks and bits of garbage the dog spread around). Tim came home early and reheated leftovers for the girls. When Stephanie left and we made plans for checking out her backyard next week, we fed the girls. Neeners is in this annoying habit of sitting on my lap to eat, and being fork fed bites. Morella, not to be left out again, demanded Tim to fork feed her as well before they declared themselves done and left. Tim got Morella’s jammies on, I got Neeners ready and the girls were in bed and sleeping shortly after Tim left at 6:00 for his Thursday night game.

Left with enormous amounts of free time, I went through and set recordings for a bunch of movies. We have a free week of movie package on Uverse this week, so I wanted to take advantage of it. Then I wrote in my journal, read the internet and now I am posting … all before 10:00. I wish I had this sort of free time on a daily basis, then I would feel like I know what to do with every minute of it. Oh well, free time is free time.

What else…oh Laima and I are having a friendly competition to see who loses the most arm chub mass after a six week period. The winner is treated to dinner at the restaurant of their choice. I sort of picked Graze right now and she has Harvest…as far as I can tell this whole venture is a win win.

Two other things of note:

1. Neeners had a pencil the other day and was pretending to draw on Morella. Morella then said “Don’t draw on me. I not paper!”

2. Morella asked me where a toy was, I told her it was on the kids table. She then said “Go get it,” to which I replied “No, you go get it. You can do it yourself.” A couple minutes later she said “I want a new Mommy. A new Mommy who helps me when I tell her to do something.”

Ha ha ha.

One thought on “Zoo, Dream park, garage sale, Ihop and new Mommy

  1. Sarah

    How are you calculating arm chub mass, and is that stuff really possible to lose? What is your plan? I was hoping that some of mine would go away, as the upper arms are fat storage for breastfeeders — but they seem the same as they’ve ever been. I think it’s just part of my endomorphic structure. Upper arms and upper thighs store the “energy” close to the body’s core.

    When I saw “New Mommy” in your title, I thought you’d be reporting on Lowen’s new arrival! Any day now, I think. I’m trying to remember to encourage (direct) Ruth to help herself more these days, too. Some things she honestly can’t reach, but most of the time, she can. Why should I haul myselff off the couch to get her sippy cup from the dining room table, when she could do it instead?

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