Missing Books and Neener 20 Mo Update

I can’t find Neeners baby book and journal. I have been inspired to work on them but for the life of me, I can’t find them anywhere. I know they are together because I had this hair brained idea that I was going to put them together, out of the room so that I would be able to work on them without having to sneak into my room to get them. What an awful idea. Sigh. Tim said it will come up … just like the missing pony Scootaloo — it will show up. Just keep looking a little bit every day. Keep your eyes out and it will show up.

So since days have passed without me finding it and discovering Morella’s journal underneath the couch last week while I was looking for Neeners missing purple heart shoe (which I finally found today — hurray!). I wrote in Morella’s journal the other day and discovered the last entry was in the middle of August. This journal, well these journals, are the first of what I hope are many, in which I write to the girls. Sort of direct letters from me, sometimes Tim to the girls about what is going on, life and what they are like. I just know that poor Neeners journal is so neglected and it’s bugging me to bits that I haven’t written anything in awhile. So instead of starting a new journal and working on being patient, I will just write her letter here and then print it out and tape in later. I guess there is a win win here. Right?

April 3rd, 2011

Neeners, my sweet darling little Neeners, in a couple of days you will be 20 months old, and two weeks after that you will be as old as Morella was when you entered our life. When I think back to that time I think about how Morella seemed like such a big girl to me, but you are living proof that there is still quite a bit of baby left in a 20 month old.

At your 15 month appointment you were 22 pounds and 31 inches long. I don’t think you are much more than that at this point. Maybe an extra pound and taller. You are in 18-24 month clothing, though I have you in some 2T clothes because they have hand me downs washed to a smaller size. You are a size 6 shoe and comfortable wearing hard soled shoes now. It helps that you started walking when you were 12 months old, and summer is right around the corner when I know the only way to get shoes on you will be to nail them on. I am looking forward to this summer when you will get to fully experience summer and all the awesome things it has to offer. Already your sister has a running list of the great things we are going to do.

Speaking of your sister, your relationship is finally blooming. It started at the end of January and is going strong. I think you just needed to be old enough, mature enough to interact with Morella. I can see that you are going to be awesome friends — though I worried a little bit about it for the first .. oh say year. ;) When you are getting a great treat like chocolate, candy or dinner you will start calling for Morella to come and join you and not miss a moment. It is so adorable how you will say “Weh wah! Weh Wah!” and in fact you even said chocolate a couple of times. You play chase. I know that you are guilty of taking something from Morella when I see you running full speed ahead with your hand gripping something and a sobbing, screaming Morella following after.

You can understand quite a bit of language, and a handful of Ho-Chunk, and you are starting to pick up language faster. Two days ago you I was shocked to hear an echo of the ever present “Why”. I turned around and asked you to say ‘Why’ and you repeated it perfectly. Now when I get the barrage of “why’s” from Morella, I also get them from you. Other words: Da-Dee, Momma, Nani, Weh Wah, why, woof, chocolate, peaches, bees, yes, no, kitty

Favorite toys: My Little Pony – a orange will funny yellow hair you call Peaches. A small Little People kitty, small Princess figurines, horses, a pink cat stuffie, occasional puppy stuffies, markers, water, paint, food, rough housing with your sister, standing on Daddy’s head and saying “da!”, doing flips, jumping, dancing, running

Favorite foods: frosting, candy, soda, apples, marshmallow mateys, nutella sandwiches, chocolate, pasta, yogurt…you are willing to try almost anything but you don’t usually eat a lot. Instead you prefer, it seems, to get most of your calories from nursing. If you had to list your top things favorite things in the world, it would be 1. nursing, 2. your family and 3. music.

You are obsessed and scared by “bees” – which is really any bug. Exactly like Morella, except you are a little more worried about it. That is going to make this summer fun. You point out Daddy’s tattoos and the framed insect postage stamps hanging near our bed, and any other bugs that you see in art, photos or lint. You are also afraid of heights and you hate swinging.

You are so active and full of life and adventurous.
You laugh when someone (including yourself) farts or burps.
You play with my necklace and caress while nursing.
You are still in our room, sleeping in your crib but still wake up 2-3 times a night. We are looking to transition you to share a room with Morella by your 2nd birthday — only four months away.
You love to read books and be read too.
You love Ring Around the Rosie, my Ipad, typing, nodding in agreement, baking, washing the dishes and climbing stairs (but haven’t gotten the trick of getting down them by yourself).


It’s a free flowing project, I will probably add more later after I print out what I have. As for now, I should probably think about heading to bed soon. Today we went to Milwaukee to attend the baptism of the newest nephew Canaan. We got back around 4 and the girls had an hour or so of quiet time before we watched a movie on TV, had a dinner of canned chop suey and rice (how did I ever think that stuff was delicious?). I looked for Neeners book and a set of sheets that I remembered I had gotten at door busters sales last Thanksgiving last night. I found them and changed the sheets, put the girls to bed and am now watching Eat, Love and Pray while writing. While I can’t really identify with being rich enough to go and travel the world for a year –it is a far more entertaining movie than the drivel that I have seen the past couple of days – Cry of the Owl, and Things You Can Tell By Looking At Her. Ugh ugh ugh.

April is a new start. Spring. A fresh sheet of paper. I found Neeners shoe, I figured out how to pay the parking ticket after having lost the physical ticket, I put together two collage photo frame things, a mini photo book for Morella, I updated Morella’s journal, I have written every day for a week, tomorrow I will be up to 35 pushups, I have a bottle cap project in progress….things are looking well for a change.

Two Phone Photos

Lowen, Morella, Neeners and her ridiculous car at Ihop

Morella, Eden and Neeners watching the great and wonderful Uncle Mark perform magic tricks after Canaan’s baptism.

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