Success..sort of

I found Neener’s baby book, but I didn’t find her journal. Hm. Gotta keep looking, but I did fill in two pages of info, even if I haven’t put in photos yet. That is always the hard part. I can tell how valuable it will be to do that though because Morella loves to look at her baby book — which is about 1/2 completed.

Today we went to Happy Bambino with a friend to play. I ended up getting a hardy paper bird to add to the kitchen mobiles that we are working on and some decent chocolate. After that we looked at the Craft store and left after a few minutes because there was no way I could let Neeners down in that joint. I promised Morella I would take her there tomorrow to look “at the pretty things” with “no neeners”. After that we had lunch at Crema before heading home for naps. Neeners went down easily but I had to force Morella into mandatory quiet time because she was melting down left and right. I said she had to be in her bed for 15 minutes, she howled for about 5 before passing out. That isn’t a tactic I can normally use because if she doesn’t want to take a nap, then she won’t. She really was tired. I did manage to spend some quality time with her by making muffins with a strawberry hidden inside. I measure all the ingredients, put out a bowl and she mixes and pours it all by herself. Then I had her dip strawberries in honey and sugar before putting them in. She was very proud of the 6 muffins we made and wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t eat them all so that she could share them with friends.

Evening was okay. I made a huge pot of goulash and then we went to Woodmans for a fruit, vegetable, other neccessity run. This time I let them pick out their own bread. Morella got a Sara Lee whole grain white bread and Neeners got some italian sliced bread. Minutes later she discovered frosted animal cookies and wouldn’t part with them until we were at home and I opened them. When I offered to open them for her she started jumping for joy. Ha ha, that kid. Bedtime was fairly painless, except for Morella getting up for various reasons for about an hour afterward. The last time I checked in on her she was finishing looking at a new book she discovered in her room. It was a Strawberry Shortcake treasury. I introduced the concept of chapter books to her tonight and read one of the stories. She is looking forward to tomorrow’s story.

Morella. She is going through some kind of developmental growth spurt I think and having a hard time of it. I told Tim this weekend that we need to make some special time to spend with her one on one. So tomorrow’s trip to the craft store (a store that is made up of rented spaces by crafters selling their wares) is an attempt to do that. I will do it while Neeners is napping and Tim is working from home. I just have to remember that the most important thing I can do to help her navigate the world of deeper questions, feelings and thoughts is to just be there for her and spend time with her.

The other day it was late and she was exhausted. I took her to my room to color on my bed and she was having a good time for about 5 minutes before Neeners came in and crashed the party. We all colored for awhile but she was into the zone and didn’t want to get ready for bed. I gave her a time warning and when it came time she got super angry and hit me with force and purpose. Of course it didn’t hurt, but that is beside the point. She got an instant time out. She knew why and she howled about it for the full three minutes. I went in and got her afterward, put her jammies on, hugged, kissed and tucked her into bed. After prayers and as I was turning out the light she said “I having three crabby days. I just really crabby.” It was clear she was struggling with why she felt crabby so fast and sudden. I told her “It is okay, you are just really tired and will feel better after you get some sleep.”

It was just so obvious to me at that moment that this was her first real attempt at a heartfelt apology. No “sorry!” followed by a hug to get out of a jam, but a real, honest to god apology. She was trying to figure out and explain her actions to me. Ugh, it just tugs at my heart strings. The real job of parenting is beginning. My number one concern is no longer that she just lives from day to day, but now we start the hard work of nurturing, molding and mentoring.

Lastly, I thought of a whole bunch more words that Neeners uses in her vocabulary. Let’s look at the whole list…

Da-Dee, Momma, Nani, Weh Wah, why, woof, chocolate, peaches, bees, yes, no, kitty, hello, hi, boots, butt, brush, ball, baby, bup, bye, sorry, cheese, uh oh, mine, stop, this, pee and thank you.

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