Sinus and the Mundane

I had to cancel a tea party I had set up for Morella with her friend Bree last night. It has been rescheduled for Monday morning at 10:00. To say that Morella is excited about having tea with another live, little girl is an understatement. The girl is thrilled and can’t wait. I was thinking we would also bake up some mini cupcakes and bring them along with some frosting and sprinkles and the girls can decorate them before eating them. Anyway, Neeners ruined that party for today — which would have been perfect because it is rainy and rather gloomy out there.

Yesterday morning I took Neeners to to the doctor and handed over $30 bucks for them to confirm that she did indeed have a sinus infection and a cold on top of it. I then paid another $10 bucks for antibiotics. I should start a spread sheet with medical payments. I never had to do that before because the out of pocket stuff was like less than $40 a year. Now one simple appointment is at least $30. I can claim that stuff on my taxes yo!

Neeners has had three doses of the antibiotic and the change is amazing. She has spent most of the morning playing independently or with Morella and has only one or two meltdowns compared to the numerous ones I had to deal with every hour for the last two freaking weeks. Even though she thick snot pouring out of her nose, she seems in such better spirits than she has been for ages. The problem with sinus infections, is that unless they can talk, you don’t know you have one for a couple of weeks. At least we know now and spring is right around the corner, so close I can almost taste it…and the sinus infections should go away until next year. Hopefully Neeners will have outgrown the frequency of them by then.

We are inside again today and just sort of puttering around. Morella was up until 10:15 last night watching a movie with me – My One and Only. The movie was – eh, but it was something that I could watch while I little girl defied her bedtime, got some nails painted sparkely and had quality time with Mom. She had taken a pretty big 3 hour nap that stretched to 5:15, so I knew there was little chance of her even going to bed until at 9:00 at the earliest. Neeners herself went down at 8:30. Late night bedtimes suck in that once they do go to bed, I have so little time left to myself that I end up staying up too late trying to cram in free time. Then I get stretches of time like this, right now, where I can write a post while Morella sings about plastic animals, and Neeners plays along side her.

For lunch I made the girls their favorites — a strawberry cream cheese sandwich for Morella with the crust cut off, and a Nutella sandwich and slice of summer sausage for Neeners. I had a left over Milo’s sandwich and two slices of summer sausage. I feel like baking something for this afternoon, but I don’t know what and I keep losing interest for staying in the kitchen. Besides it is almost time for take two of trying to get Neeners to nap. Before the sandwiches I had made them a fruit salad and let them work on that for about an hour before offering the sandwiches. Sort of like a snack table in the living room on the hard wood floors (on a table of course). Get a piece as you walk by and play.

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