Taste of Summer

It was 80 ish today and it was pure awesome. We had a taste of summer and I loved and relished every second of it. I dressed the girls in summer dresses, with no pants and let them loose in the backyard barefoot. We spent all morning outside after eating Tim’s french toast, and had a lunch of grill leftovers from last night. We sat in lawn chairs, drinking our coffee and doing our respective things while the girls wandered around, cooked mud pies, played in the sandbox, on the slide, etc.

After a long morning outside Morella announced she needed to go inside for a little break around 1:30. I agreed since Neeners was ready for her nap too. They both took a dual nap that lasted about 3 hours while I read, studied ho-chunk, played Words with Friends and relaxed. Tim meanwhile took his first real bike ride of the season and cleaned up the backyard a bit. After they got up, we ended up outside in the front blowing bubbles and met the next door neighbor’s new grandson (age 7 mo). Then we went to the back and played some more while waiting for the big storms to arrive. Around 6, I came in and made a dinner of mac and cheese with leftover grilled hamburger and hot dog, and steamed peas.

Dinner complete we played in the house a bit and then went to Woodman’s for the weeks grocery shopping. Now we have food. Yeah!

Tomorrow morning is Morellla’s playdate tea party reschedule. I was going to make some muffins or cupcakes or something but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I will probably just bring some snacks instead and dress up clothes. Sometimes my ideas are bigger than my ambition.

Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful day and I loved every minute of it, especially since it was with my family.

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