Sleep, parks, cookies and soccer

Today we had a leisurely start to the day. We had a breakfast the girls barely touched, I cleaned up around the house and even vacuumed. I swear, the girls love having free and open space in the living room, and yet they always mess it up. I guess it is like having a clean canvass, it just begs to be cluttered. But as of right now, it is still clean.

Morella is having a hard time sleeping tonight. Not because she keeps getting up with a billion requests and comments, but because she is sleepwalking and dreaming. I think it is because she is exhausted from all the hours we have been spending outside and her going full tilt. She usually crashes around 3-4 in the afternoon, but today I told her I didn’t want her to sleep and tried to do enough interesting things to keep her up. I just didn’t want to deal with another 10:15 bedtime. So when we put them to bed at 7:45 tonight, she was out like a light. Neeners has started to do this thing where she will nurse and then start tossing and turning and being a little acrobat. So I just put her into bed awake, like you should, so that they can put themselves to sleep. Hurray that is finally doing that…now if she could just sleep through the whole night I would feel more comfortable about putting her in her own bed in Morella’s room. I wish I knew a good way of making them share a room without everyone losing a weeks worth of decent sleep and shedding a gallon of tears.

First maybe we will talk up her sharing a room for a month. Do the whole count down and talk about how exciting it will be. Then one day, just suck it up and do it. Another part of me just wants to do it, because I am so stuck in a rut with raising little ones that extensive talking and explaining things to them is about effective as talking to my cats. But that isn’t fair to Morella. She knows now. She can understand, but i don’t know if Neeners will. Also, Neeners goes to sleep when we put her down. If Morella is doing her up all night shenanigans then will Neeners stay asleep? What am i going to do when she wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to nurse? Even though I know she is old enough to just cry it out and will most likely be fine in a day or two. The few times we have gone to bed super late she will wake up on cue and cry for about a minute before going back to sleep. I am concerned that it will just wake up Morella and blah blah blah blah.

I would like my room back. I would like for her to get used to sharing a room with Morella to simplify bedtime., all before she is two so that it will be easier. In a perfect world, Neeners would just sleep through the night and Morella would go to sleep when she should. Right? Also, that Neeners won’t mind the big difference in sleep conditions — in that Neeners like a dark quiet room, and Morella likes a noise machine, a night light and for the door to be open a crack.

How did this turn into a post about sleep woes? Sheesh. Oh and what about naps? Neeners still takes a nap every day and Morella does about 40% of the time….

Anyway. So we went to Elmside Circle Park and had a picnic and Morella made a friend with a 4 year old girl (okay, she made friends with Morella) who I think was a religious homeschooled kid. Neeners just sort of followed them around like a kid in a pack. The nice thing about Elmside Circle Park is that they have a horse carousel merry go round that the kids just adore. Morella, her friend Leo, Neeners and the 4 year old Mary (like the mother of jesus, and her brother Philip the saint) and several other kids we see around played on it forever. I did try Neeners in a swing — she locked her hands on the chains and cried. Poor kid. Swings are fun! She also wouldn’t go past the second step on the jungle gym up to the bridge. Finally it was nap time I had to pry the kids off the horses and away from Mary her new BFF. Morella told me several times that she wanted Mary to come over and play in our backyard. I said maybe.

We came home. Neeners took a short nap, and then we headed out to the post office where the mail carriers work to send some forms, and then to the Red Park for the first time this year. The kids didn’t leave my side until they saw their friend Hannah. After about 40 minutes we came home and they played in the backyard. I forgot to mention I packed a picnic dinner too of sandwich, raisins and an apple with strawberry milk (homemade).

After the girls went to bed I watched a new episode of How I Met Your Mother and then Year One.

I should go to bed now. I wish I could get done all the things I want to get done, but then again and very grateful for the time that I do have with my family and for what does get done. If that makes any sense.

Tomorrow is probably park playing with Caleb, Auggie and Leo and then hanging out around the house. Oh Morella and I baked some oatmeal raisin cookies, which the girls didn’t like. But they like the batter…how does that work? Morella is getting so good at baking, measuring, pouring, stirring, etc. Oh and I signed her up for a 3 year old soccer league she is going to be in with her buddies. She is the only girl. I said she was the token girl and Tim pointed out that she isn’t like the regular girls you see on TV or in books because she isn’t a tomboy. She is a girls girl, who isn’t afraid to get dirty. This should be an interesting summer.

One thought on “Sleep, parks, cookies and soccer

  1. Sarah

    I like that desription of Morella — a girl’s girl, who isn’t afraid to get dirty. That’s a great way to be.

    I think cookie batter is really often tastier than the baked cookie. I don’t know why.

    Gotta get Nick from the brekfast table. He’s been a nightmare for the past couple of days; we’re into tantrum #6 and it’s only 7:16 am.

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