Busy busy

Look at that, it has been over a week since my last post. Shame! Ugh. I have a myriad of excuses, but that is what they all are, just excuses. If I was really a committed individual I would be finding time in the nooks and crannies of the day to write and post. Instead I have been using that time to do push ups, play Borderlands with Tim, watch movies, play on the internet and…well you get the picture. I only have a few hours each day to really call my own since dual naptimes are a thing of the past. When it does happen I usually take a quick nap too because I end up staying up so late grasping that precious “me time.” I guess I could turn on the TV while Neeners naps so that Morella would occupy herself, but I really prefer her to occupy herself during that quiet time and not watch TV. So a lot of the time I am doing something with her, that isn’t around a computer.

Oh and if I do use the Ipad, the girls want to play on it. Really, I think they use it as much as I do. I like the idea of them learning how to use technology so it’s not something I want to discourage, especially since use on the Ipad is monitored (as in we have to be sitting right there).

This weather has been the pits too! The other day is was snowing, sleeting, hailing, thundering and lightening all in one go. The only living creatures who liked it were the ducks, who came to visit us and eat the bread crumbs we had tossed out in the front yard. The bread crumbs are the cut off ends of the sandwiches and pieces of bread that the children won’t eat. Might as well use them to lure in wild life that we can gawk at through our front window. Today, however, it is sunny. It was sunny a couple days ago amidst the week of doom and gloom, but it was cold so it was a false comfort. It looks like 50 today. I guess I can do that. There is an open gym at a gymnastics thing this morning with a girl friend of Morella’s that is moving away come July, so I think we might go to that. A little on the pricey side, but it could be fun for a change of pace. Especially since summer is right around the corner (keep telling that myself to boost morale) and we won’t be inside for a frog’s age.

Notable things done in the last two weeks:

–My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult at the Inferno on a Wednesday. Hung out with folks in the back for most of it and went up front at the end for the popular songs after making spur of the moment ear plugs from a chewed on napkin for my poor eardrums.

–Glass Fusing work shop at Fired Up with a bunch of lady friends

–Book club to discuss Yellow Raft on Blue Water at Bluephies

–Couple date night with Jim and Jill at the Bayou followed by drinks at the Come Back Inn

–Fairy House building, park/wagon walk

–Trip to Toys are Us and Costco with Lowen, before she has her baby

And now some pictures to make the long wait worth while.

Morella eating a giant sundae on our Mommy/Hinu day out.

Taking the babies, take their babies out for a walk.

Random event – police offer pulls overs and asked if Morella/Neeners want a sticker and then poses for a photo.

I had a pretty glorious Saturday two weekends ago. I went to Kids in the Rotunda without kids and then did some shopping in fun little State Street stores…without kids. I had such a wonderful time browsing and looking at things. Ahh it was nice to be in my own head space for so long. On the way home I ran into Snow White and we had high tea in her castle and she was very sorry to hear that Morella wasn’t able to make it. Next time…

Morella said she wanted to play with her buds Leta and Mina, and so we headed over there for an afternoon romp in the yard. Morella was in big kid heaven.

My glass fusing projects before they are melted down. I got a call last night that they are ready to pick up, so I am going to do that this afternoon.

Morella and her fairy house.

My first fairy house of the year. I wonder how it stood up against the elements/animals/other kids at the blue park.

Morella did a little face painting of her own the other day while Neeners napped.

Morella and Neeners got their first studio portrait taken on what was one of the worst Friday’s I have had in a long time. The Sears appointment was pushed back from 11 t0 11:40. Then I had to make good on a promise of ice cream afterward so we went to the food court to get it from McDonald’s. The food court had exploded with a billion teenagers there on a field trips (lunch at the food court) and …. my fucking tights that I had rediscovered the night before, fell down to almost my knees and took my underwear with them! Oh my …. it was just a very mortifying experience, that I could do little about because I was carrying Neeners, holding Morella’s hand, carrying all of our coats and diaper bag and was wearing a dress. After they ate, I shuffled to the bathroom with kids in hand and tore the tights off. We left the mall and stopped at Dean on the way home to pick up Neeners new booger prescription (the last one didn’t work) — and it is the most vile tasting/looking stuff ever. We have to do some serious bribing to get her to take it. Then we get home after almost getting blown over by the windstorm in a short dress with no tights….to find that the house smelled … poopy. Turns out the dog had crapped all over his kennel with diarrhea. I sent him outside, tossed everything in the kennel, cleaned it, gave the dog it’s first bath in the house, then put the girls to bed by 3:15.

Ugh, just thinking of it gives me the shivers.

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