The morning had started out well. Got up, had oatmeal and Tim gave me a ride to work because he has Jury Duty today. Then at nine he calls in a panic becuase he is lost and late. I try to help by looking on mapquest…but without any specific address…um…chicago is big and the streets do go on for awhile. I don’t fucking know. So he starts yelling at me, I start yelling at him (because he is yelling at me) and then he says something to the effect of it being my fault because he was nice and gave me a ride this morning.

Huh. And the hung up on me. You know, I think I know why I hate the phone. It is because I am always getting hung up on. I guess I just have a bunch of quitters for friends and darlings. It totally sucks, because I did think of a person (Mischa) that he could have talked too that would have helped him. That asshole. Either that or I people just like hanging up on me for a dramatic effect. Which is more bullshit because nothing was solved by the hanging up except that you felt better for split second. I hope that feeling goes with you to hell.

Of course this is my fault. I got a ride. I can’t read a map on demand. I can’t read foretell the future to find out that this would happen. I made it foggy today so it is hard to see road signs. I did all of this.

Then he turned off his phone. SO I am just going to assume that he got there okay, and that the judge won’t take him over his knee or get fined for being late (although I should do both for the aggravation he caused me this morning).

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