I was getting Morella ready for bed and she asked for some lotion. She went and got it off her dresser by standing on a little chair next to it “To help me get my lotion”. She put the lotion on her leg and hip, and told me about how it was itchy. I said “Yeah, winter is a dry season. Soon it will be summer and we won’t need to put lotion on as much.” She nodded and we continued with her bedtime routine.

An hour later, after my girl should be sleeping.

“Mommy. I need lotion. There is still a little bit of snow and ice outside and I am getting a little itchy. I need lotion here (points to leg) and here (points to arm). ”

I get the lotion and apply. I had to give it to the girl, she sure as heck thinks of very compelling argument to extend her bedtime.

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