New Baby

No not for us…thank goodness. I am quite satisfied with my two little ones. You know how people talk about how they could never imagine sharing they profound love they have for one kid … to two….I never had that problem. But I do have that problem when I think about going from two to three. I like having my older kid who I have special shared memories with it, and shake our heads when we refer to “the baby.” And then I have Neeners, my baby.

So yesterday our good friend Lowen had her much anticipated baby and we all went over to visit her at the hospital. Morella held baby Soren, and Neeners threw a tantrum about being told how to to hold the baby … and so never did hold the baby. She wanted to do it standing up. He was adorable.

Lowen at 40 Weeks 4 Days. We did have plans to hang out on Thursday but the girls took massive naps after their gymnastics gym thing and ruined those plans. Oh well. We will have two months of glorious hanging out in summer.

Morella with as close as she is going to get to a new baby brother, Soren. This is one of the only shots where she is actually looking at the baby as opposed to the TV. She will watch any TV she get no matter what it is.

Now we are off to easter egg hunt.

One thought on “New Baby

  1. erika

    Yay! Thanks for posting those pictures. Lowen looked every bit as cute as I’d expected her to be, and I think this is the first shot I’ve seen with Soren’s eyes open. I hate that I’m missing this, but thanks so much for sharing so I can be there in spirit!

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