Easter Wrap up

I am done with most everything I wanted to do today so I thought I would throw up a post. There was a time when it was the first thing in my head to do, and now I feel like I have to prod myself to do it. Sad.

The weekend was good and wanted more of it. Just another day to just recover from it. It’s weird but sometimes I feel like the week doesn’t really start until Wednesday. Friday is usually fast and Tim is home after work. Then there are the two days of weekend which are always jam packed with stuff (it seems) followed by Monday where we recover slightly and then Tuesday Tim is working from home and we have ho-chunk lessons which make the day extra long. After that is three days to fill with everyday chid rearing chores. It also sucks that it has been mostly rain and cold filled days which seem to blur everything together. Funny considering that I am going to say the same thing about glorious days in the future.

Late Thursday night our friend Lowen had her baby. Friday it was crappy out and the kids were crabby (they seem to have big cases of spring fever, and so I have been taking them out to the backyard to play even when the weather isn’t that great). After long naps I packed them in the car, stopped at Woodmans quick to pick up a bouquet of flowers. It should have been a quick in and out, but letting the girls pick the flowers makes it a half an hour excursion. Finally after I stopped Neeners from jumping on a stem of flowers, while the flower lady was there (embarrassing!) I got Morella to narrow it down too a stem of old looking but pink carnations and a dozen roses. I pushed for the roses and won. They were all different colors and actually good quality. Then we headed over to the hospital to visit Lowen, Jason and the new baby. After that we left to pick up Tim and head over to Glass Nickel for pizza with our friend Oliver. The girls were well behaved for most of it, but the party always ends with Neeners wanting to get down and run around — usually screaming.

Saturday we got up, consumed lots of coffee and breakfast and went to America’s Best Flowers in Cottage Grove for their Easter Egg hunt. It is great because it is indoors and continuous. They scatter plastic eggs everywhere and just keep replenishing them as the event goes on. It is free and at the end you exchange your eggs for a small bag of candy and a visit with a real live bunny and chicken. The girls had a blast, especially since they met up with two of their buds – Kian and Noah.

Afterwards we came home and played outside for a while until Neeners was ready for her nap (oh and we ate lunch). Morella continued to play outside until we were tired of it and came in. Then around 5, Neeners was still sleeping and I took Morella to go with me to the MATC powwow. I arrived just in time for dinner (not a coincidence) and we ate heartily. Morella was so well behaved and said to me “I am watching people Mommy.” I told her that it was actually something fun to do and that I liked to watch people too.

Then we went to the powwow and everyone was getting ready for grand entry. I ran into my friend Ron from college and we chatted for awhile. Then I took Morella to look at the vendors but she was tired and wanted to be carried. I wanted her to see some of the dancing so I told her we would sit down far away from the loud speakers and watch the beginning of grand entry. As we were waiting I busted out a Dr. Pepper I had gotten from the dinner and shared it while watching from the bleachers. It was Morella’s first Dr. Pepper ever and I noticed (but didn’t fully register why) that she seemed to gain some extra energy and wanted to stay longer. We left after about a half an hour to go home.

Once we got home Morella ran around the house like a nut and then went with Tim to Best Buy to replace our old laptop (the old one’s battery and cord are dead, Tim is going to donate it). He said that Morella was a nut job and running on all cylinders. It then occurred to me what he meant when we got home and saw Morella with the half empty can of Dr. Pepper.

“Is that a Dr. Pepper?” he asked. I said “Yeah, what of it?”

Well, I guess Dr. Pepper has caffeine in it, and now Morellla has had her first full experience with caffeine. Whoops! She went to bed at 9 without a fuss though. Passed right out.

Sunday we got up and the girls found their Easter baskets sitting in the middle of the living room after about a half an hour. Neeners first noticed it, and since Morella must do everything Neeners does, investigated too. They took apart Morella’s basket one by one and then moved onto to Neeners where Morella commented on all the things that she would have to share. Odd, that there were no sharing comments when Morella’s basket was the object of investigation.

They were super happy with their baskets that I had filled with lots of stuff collected over the year and from last year’s easter clearance. For a big present I got Morella Tiana from the Frog Princess and Neeners got the Tangled doll, thus completing our Disney Princess little figurine collection…and then some. I took shower and then while the girls were taking a bath I headed to Woodmans too get stuff for Easter dinner at Mark and Erica’s in Milwaukee.

We made mini pigs in a blanket, cut up fresh pineapple and raspberries and easter pillsbury cookies. We arrived in plenty of time for Tim’s dad to baptize our niece, living in france over Skype. Incredible, huh? Then the girls decorated paper bag baskets, hunted for easter eggs, ate a lot of food, and ran around like a pack of wild kids (11 in total). The girls got a bounty of easter goodies from Aunts, Uncles, grandparents, grandparents in law, etc.

Monday we went to the red park for a playdate after a long morning of getting crabby girls ready (mostly Neeners), followed by another embarrassing trip to Woodmans that had to be cut short because Neeners threw a massive tantrum. People were coming around from other aisles to look at the girl screaming her fool head off. Got home and the girls took long naps (thank god) which gave me a chance to write, read and make dinner for ourselves and Lowen/Jason. Tim came home and I left to drop off the food while they started dinner and we finished the night sitting in our bed coloring in the new princess and my little pony coloring books. It is one of girl’s favorite things to do to unwind.

Today was a rain day and so I let the girls make a massive mess playing with water in the bathroom sink while I cleaned the house, organized toys and searched for the other missing princesses. Tim made lunch and dinner (woo!), everyone took a nap, and we had a pretty good ho chunk lesson at Cecil and Ranada’s house (the girls love it there). Came home, and I occupied the girls with finger painting while Tim made a spaghetti dinner. When they were done making a huge mess, destroying the bathroom in cleaning up, changing them for the third time today, cleaning up the bathroom for the second time….we ate, then played Don’t Break the Ice, Gone Fishing, colored and then read books before putting them into bed. Neeners usually goes down well, and tonight Morella eventually went down around 9:30.

Ugh I hope I get sleep tonight. Neeners was up all last night. I gave her tylenol around 4 and she was still up at 7:30 with a massive tantrum about the door and me not following her out to the living to play. Seriously kid. Is this making up for not having colic? GAH!

All in all it was a great easter weekend. Tim and I have been playing Borderlands on the xbox in our free time after the kids are in bed and we are done with our chores. Speaking of which, he just said he is ready now. I love the change of pace in having something fun to do with Tim.

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