Another day. Eh. Migo has this thing where she will rustle a piece of paper in the morning…or something that makes noise, to wake us up in the morning. If there is nothing on the floor, she will reach up and knock something off the end table. As soon as you move, she runs towards her food dish….then comes back when she determines you won’t get up, and does it again. Arkham on the other hand…. well he has a huge litatany of obnoxious things he does. We are thinking about shutting the door at night and keeping them out. But that would mean that we won’t have at least a week’s worth of sleep while they “adjust.” Tim suggested I train them while he is in the UK.

I think that all in all the second installment of Scifi’s Dune series was MUCH better than the first one. In the first one, it seemed they were more concerned with staying true to the book instead of making a good movie. THis time, they did change a few things…but I thought overall it made a MUCH better movie. I have to capitolize MUCH because it was that MUCH better.

Angel is new tonight. I finally caught up with the last two episodes. My theory is that Cordelia really didn’t come back from the outer realm. It’s the only thing that makes sense….how they would explain everything that has happened. And I KNEW she was going to be preggers with Conner’s baby. That was SO obvious. Tonight Willow is on..although I won’t see it..because I will be taping it so that my darling can see it later.

I finished knitting my red scarf. I don’t know what to start on now. I need a new craft project. I am also caught up with letters…for the most part. Maybe I should write the folks that don’t write. … charity letters/cards. I did get some cute cards while in the UK…..card with a short letter….. to who? Melissa? Carrie? Myrna? Zoey?

We went shopping last night. I got gel rope, and food. Had salmon last night with Tequila Lime marinade and a piece of good bread. Also got a Swifter WetJet and some food (oh wait, I said food already). Oh, I was going to bring Kate a book today, but I forgot.

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