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Neeners. Oh little Neeners. How can there be so many tantrums packed into such a sweet little girl. Why do I have to hold you all the time, and then know the exact minute that you want down? Why can’t you sit in your booster seat to eat, why does it have to be on one of our laps? How much more cute can your sorry kisses be … or that you want me to sing song and after song to you when you nurse?

Also, this week…as in last night for the first time and a dozen times today, Neeners has started to use two words sentences. Sorry…Momma. Sorry…Weh Wah. Bye Dada. ALong with other verb and pronoun usage. Way to go little girl!

Morella was very displeased that Neeners squeezed in next to her and was not happy with me wanting to take their picture. However I thought it was incredibly adorable. Morella has been a little bit of an off again crab pot the last couple of days. It usually coincides with how long she goes without a nap. Today she was super crabby this morning and started taking an afternoon nap the same time Neeners did (around 1:30). I have lounged in this unprecedented free time by reading Ishmael (for the book club), playing Words with Friends, reading blogs and now posting on my own blog.

Last Friday we went to a house warming party over at Ann and Noah’s house (Hurray for staying in Madison!). Here is a particularly good shot of all the adults standing guard around the children as they devour cake and ice cream — AND having fun doing it. Most of the parents at this gathering have their kids joining the 3 year old team soccer – The Dinocorns, this summer. There is even now rumor to be another girl (one of Morella’s playgroup buddies we rarely see).

Yesterday Emily and Leo invited us to meet them at Rocky’s Pizzeria Palace for lunch. We had never been there before and maybe Morella might have had a good time if she had gone alone or with Neeners, but being there with Leo…well that was just the funnest play date ever. I really despise Rocky’s “pizza” but Morella enjoyed it and the salad bar was okay. The best part about it was Morella’s sheer joy when she ran to me waving a string of red tickets and screaming “I won! I won!” then barreling back to the arcade section with a smile a mile long. Oh what a kid. These are the times that being a Mom are pretty great, when you see them experience things for the first time and be happy in doing so.

Speaking of new things, Morella learned a new one this past week. Teasing her baby sister to make her cry.

Also, I know what I want for Mother’s Day. I want a smaller, compact quality camera. Either on a phone (better quality camera than what I have), or that I can slip in my pocket and carry with me wherever I go to capture life on the fly. While I like my nice big one, I can’t always take it everywhere with me and the cap on the top is broken so I am afraid of losing it whenever I use it now.

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