Crabby Monday

So Neeners has an incisor on the bottom right side of her mouth coming in…glacially slow. Seriously this is taking forever. Looking at it this morning I see that the second sharp part of the tooth has now made an appearance is a white nub under the gum, but nothing is broken through yet. Meanwhile Neeners has been such a beast the last couple of days. Tim gave her tylenol this morning after giving me one of the worst nights sleep yet, and it did nothing. Well, nothing that I could tell. She proceeded to throw tantrums over having her jammies on, changing her poopy diaper, putting a dress on, taking it off, putting a onsie on, not having me carrying her around everywhere, not sitting close enough to her while watching morning TV, not liking any of the food options I offered to her through the morning. She did eventually eat a lot of cheese and some lunch meat while Morella put away a sandwich. I had given them strawberries and cream oatmeal this morning but they hated it. Tim bought the fancy, healthy looking version of it and they want the cheap mushy version. I thought it was good. I guess I will bring it with me to Shane’s to stock the cupboards for grown up food.

There was a point that Neeners constant screaming grated on Morella’s nerves and she started whining and screaming louder, and that was the straw that broke Mommy’s back. I finished giving Morella milk, and said I was going to my room until they stopped crying for a few seconds. I went to my room, shut the door and made the bed, put away some clothes — all while listening to a cacophony of howls on the other side of the door. After about 5 minutes, they both ran out of steam … and stopped. I opened the door and picked up Neeners, and escorted Morella back to the kitchen to make second breakfast, and sit with Neeners on my lap while she refused all sorts of food options. Seriously.

It was about then that I decided we weren’t going to be leaving the house today. It is gloomy and thunderstormy outside, and the house is a mess. Once I make a decision to not go anywhere, it frees up being able to clean and organize. I cleaned the bathroom (boy howdy did it need that) with some “help”, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher with the weekend dishes, wrote a long letter to my Mom after putting Neeners down and letting Morella play with the Ipad, talked to the lawyer for a half an hour, talked with Emily and agreed to baby sit next Wednesday, and wished for someone to push down on my back to provide some counter pressure to the aches and pains I get with a 26 pound toddler laying on my chest all night.

Mothers day weekend was very nice. I got my new camera (Thanks for the suggestion Heather!) and I love, love, love it. It’s slim and compact and takes way better pictures than my 5 1/2 year old digital one. I can’t wait to upload some of them to look at them closer. I can see maybe why people are able to throw up nice pictures online to accompany their blog posts—it is easy if they have a good camera that doesn’t need an hour of futzing to get the lighting right for one picture. I will work on throwing some of those up later. I gotta download them to the computer and resize.

Boy I am hungry right now. All I had for dinner was a biscotti and the last bite of Morella’s sandwich washed down with a lot of coffee. On one hand it is good to be hungry because 1. i am overweight and 2. it gives me the inspiration to actually cook food. Inspiration in cooking is something I have been seriously lacking in the last couple of … months? It is just no fun when I have to decide between listening to howls that I put a crabby toddler down or doing it one handed.

I didn’t get any of the good person things I wanted to do, like send birthday cards and presents, mother’s day cards and presents, blah blah blah. Instead I just called my Mom on Saturday and apologized for there being nothing in the mail on Saturday…or Monday…and wrote a letter saying it won’t be tomorrow either. :P The birthday cards I can send late because I feel like birthdays get a month wiggle room in either direction. Special days like Mother’s day should be as close to the date as possible. Speaking of mother’s day, I was looking at a picture I have of me and my grandmother hanging up in the office. I was a sullen teenager with a bleach tie dyed shirt and overbig, welfare glasses sitting next to my grandmother on her sofa in the trailer. She is holding a stuffed grey bear that my brother and I had gotten her for Mother’s day that morning. Shane said he didn’t know what to get her, and I said I thought old people liked stuffed animals, so that is what we had decided on.

Now when I look at that photo I think “Holy cow was Grandma a gracious person to be excited about that stupid stuffed bear.” Really, if I got a stuffed animal right now a gift I would have NO idea what to do with it. I guess be excited about it and then put it in the kids room..except what if I was old? Could I regift it to my grandkids …but what if it was they who gifted it to me to begin with? Gah. I guess I would have to hold on to it and keep it in a ‘in case any kids come over’ box. But then again, maybe what really matters is that it served as a reminder that we did care about and love her whenever she looked at it.

This weekend was good in that it was perfectly paced. It didn’t go too fast or too slow, and I didn’t wish for another day. I think that tends to happen on weekends where we have to travel for a whole day. We went for breakfast on Sunday at Hyvee. They were gracious enough to keep the buffet open a little longer for us since we were so late, they cut me a deal on Morella’s food and they gave the girls a free juice to split. Seriously, the folks at Hyvee are SO nice to my children and us and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I should probably write something nice to the company about what awesome staff they have at the cafeteria. Hey good idea. After that we looked at the flowers in the garden area, didn’t buy anything but it smelled incredible. Then we came home and suffered more tears, tantrums and meltdowns from overtired girls about villainous bugs flying around out side and menacing ants on the side walk before forcing a family naptime. Thankfully they both went down for about three hours and it gave Tim and I glorious time to study ho chunk, chat and just … enjoy the silence.

Speaking of silence I am constantly getting interrupted from Morella who apparently can’t use the Ipad on her own anymore, and Neeners who just woke up from her nap. Time to start the second half of the day putzing around and creating dinner from thin air. Today is one of those days that I could really use a personal assistant.

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