Sad Ipad

My Ipad is broken. I have tried everything in the troubleshooting website but I just can’t get it to work after the last fail (the 4th time). It turns to a black screen with a white apple on it and nothing happens, even turning of it off is difficult (you have to do a hard power off). So this morning I am going to take the Ipad over to the west side apple store to have a “genius” look at it. I hope that they can figure out what is wrong with it. I love this stupid thing so much. So much for Apple being such a wonderful product. I can’t think of my PC stuff crapping out after only one year, and if it did then I was still able to fix it or figure out how to fix it.

Maybe I will stop at H&M too. I could use a new shirt….but doing so with the kids? Ugh. That just strikes me as one of those stores where the employees don’t appreciate adorable children running around screaming their fool heads off like they do at say…Walmart or ShopKo. :P

Yesterday was interesting. The morning I set up a play date with a couple other kids to go to the Fireman’s Park in Monona (So little kid friendly since the kids aren’t quite ready for Dream Park). One of the Dad’s brought his water table, and I brought a camping jug full of water and we let the kids go at it. It was a brilliant idea really. They were all standing around it quietly playing for almost an hour before going off to do other things. That camping jug reminded me of camping and wondering if this is the year that we do it. I talked about doing a camping weekend with the Dad over in Token Creek. That way if it is too bad with the kids then we can all go home for the night and then just go back the next day. Baby steps camping. The other thing it reminded me was that we still have Sarah and Dave’s watering jug. They had kids the same time we did, so they haven’t been camping ready yet either…but is now the time? Are the kids old enough to hack it? Are WE experienced enough with kids to hack it?

After the play date an an outfit change for Neeners, we headed downtown in the sweltering head to meet a cousin of mine for lunch. He had called that morning and we set up a meeting for Noodles. There we lingered over lunch for over an hour while the worst of the first storm passed. I am glad that we were there because the car was in a parking garage and safe from any hail. I later moved the car into the garage (not an easy thing to do considering all the treasures we have) but the second storm that passed through wasn’t that powerful, and not worth the effort. After lunch we stopped in Little Luxeries so Morella could get some chokables and Neeners could throw a tantrum about not getting chokeables. :P Went home, watched a TV show (Strawberry Shortcake), putzed and then Neeners was ready for a long over due nap.

It was still thunderstorming, but she was tired, and so was Morella but she didn’t want to be alone. I told Morella she should lay down with us for a few minutes to take a break. It was then that a miracle happened….BOTH kids feel asleep, in my bed at the same time. This has never happened before. So I took pictures to document the phenomenon. Oh hey I could show you that and then I gotta get out of here.

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