Yesterday I took the day off to hang out with Kersten, who was making a whirlwind tour of the tri state area to visit friends and family. Tuesday night, Pinkdot, Kersten and I all went out to Nocturna (making that first time I have been there in many months), and stayed until 3.30. So yesterday I spent most of the day in my jammies, and hanging out with Kersten. It was nice. We did all the day time activities, (drinking tea, eating cake, talking, watching a wedding story, etc) so much so that I thought it was Sunday. It was an nice day, and maybe went on longer than it should have. I should have gone to work today, but instead I was so tired and felt awful, I pulled the sick card.

Of course now that I wake up 4 hours later, I feel fine and wonder if I should go to work. There isn’t much else to do. Other than all the stuff at home I COULD be doing, except for the guilt.

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