Saturday night I went to a party at Delilah’s for Kate and a few others who where celebrating birthday’s too. One of them was named Laura, so people would arrive and say Happy Birthday to me, and I would say “It’s not my birthday, it’s her’s” and point to another Laura. Well, it turns out it wasn’t her birthday either, and she was pointing folks to me saying it was mine. Whose birthday was it? A girl that goes by the name of Bizzy. Go figure. I still didn’t get a free drink out of it. :P After some time I left to go to Neo with Mischa, Steve, Bekah, Greg, and some other people I had just met that night. Neo was rather uneventful. I drank too much and talked too much (which I always regret the next day. I don’t like people knowing too much about me without me telling them when I am sober…er rather acutely conscious of every word I say). On the way home, I got separated from Bekah and Greg. I was getting something to drink when we heard the train coming. They ran on ahead and I waited for my pear juice concentrate combo thing, and then sprinted up the stairs to catch the train — barely. Then I realized they were not on the train, but on the other plat form. Alcohol, it impairs your thinking.

I took the train to Howard and got a cab…or at least I think it was. He had a cab. He had the meter. But the meter wasn’t running, and they man was acting strange “How much does it usually cost?”

“ER….two fifty. But then your meter should tell you that. Why isn’t it working.” I asked, gesturing towards the dark box.

Silence ensued.

I gave him five and got off in front of my house. Weirded out, but too tired to care. I went upstairs, checked my email, had a girl scout cookie, washed my face, got some jammies and went to bed at 4.30. I woke up at 9:00 to feed the bastards, and then Tim called. I talked to him for awhile but he was going to get some food. I wasn’t tired enough to go back to sleep, so I watched TV….ironically I watched Far and Away. Why is that ironic? Because Tim is Ireland right now. After the lame movie, I tried to take a nap, and ended up getting about thirty minutes when Tim called at 4:00. He said that the streets were empty, and it was eerie.

Then I watched the My Life is a Sitcom marathon, to the Oscars (first time in memory), had subway, read and went to bed.

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