I had been doing pretty good there for about two weeks, maybe even three but then I was derailed. A bunch of curve balls thrown our way I suppose. I was doing the main things that I wanted to accomplish every day 1. Write Mom, 2. Push Ups, 3. Planks, 4. Four hours of Ho-Chunk a week. That is it…but as of right now I would have to stay up until 1:30 to accomplish the ho chunk goal, I haven’t done planks in three days, nor written my Mom. I still haven’t sent her Mother’s day gift, nor sent the birthday things I wanted. I haven’t been able to clean up this living room, though it has been done in bits and pieces. I haven’t done much work on the book for bookclub – Ishmael (it’s a bit of a slog) for book club on Sunday. Blah blah blah. I am so full of excuses aren’t I?

I guess I slipped into the slump slowly, but you know, it hasn’t been a full week so maybe it it isn’t a full on slump as much as it it’s a dip. Anyway.

1. Ipad – It broke. I tried everything. I took it to the Apple Store and had a punk genius look at it. He did everything I did and then shocked the heck out of me by simply stating “Let’s get you a new Ipad.” Huh? What? I confessed to him that I hadn’t intended on actually getting a whole lot of help, and that I was actually quite surprised. I said “I was prepared to hate Apple.” And he replied (with his first actual smile of the whole conversation … which was about 20 words after 15 minutes) “I am glad I could surprise you.” It’s been awesome having my electronic baby back, and boy howdy are the girls excited to have it back too.

2. Tim’s job was in turmoil. He ended up getting a new one with a new company, with exactly the same benefits and pay as before. Where he will work and what will happen in the new few weeks/months are still up in the air, but there might be a possibility that some of it will include working from home. (Commence fantasizing about taking Morella out on sultry summer afternoons to run errands while Neeners takes her afternoon nap).

3. Sick. Everyone except Tim is/was sick. Morella and Neeners both had a full blown cold (summer colds, no fever and quickish recovery) but mine seems to be going in baby steps. First a sore throat, then a sore top of the mouth and congestion. Overall lack of energy.

4. Our furnace crapped out on us. Since we hadn’t turned it on in over a week I wasn’t sure when it exactly it happened, but when we needed it, it wasn’t there for us. It would hum the beginning but never kick in and just sort of peter out. Tim put on his thinking cap, looked at the internet, we both looked high and low for a manual, but nothing. We resigned ourselves to call in a professional come Monday morning. So in the meanwhile I put a sweater on the kids and four shirts and a hoodie on myself, and covered myself with a blanket whenever possible. This morning I used Facebook for it’s true purpose (getting people help…ha ha) but nothing was timely enough. However my friend Amy’s suggestion got my ball rolling by giving me someone to call and get quotes. It was a rough start but I soon found my old planning/finding the best self back in action. I called three places before I settled on General Heating and Air. The price was higher than one, and lower than another (but not by much) but they had the added benefit of confidence that it was a simple problem, and perhaps most importantly, were able to come by this afternoon. Everyone else told me tomorrow morning, on the night we get a frost advisory. It would have been such an uncomfortable night, and especially morning around here without that warm toasty furnace.

So the problem with the furnace was that the capacitor was dead. The dude (who was extremely kid and dog friendly) had an extra (little more powerful in the car) and replaced it all in a half an hour. I should mention he was also able to start the furnace without it by giving the motor a little push with his screw driver. Since I couldn’t imagine going downstairs with a screwdriver to push start our furnace motor everytime I wanted it to warm up in here, I was glad to pay him to fix it. In the end total cost was $182. Not too bad…the replacement part itself was $80. I swear I felt warm tingles as the house warmed up those extra six degrees.

5. I covered my seedlings and plants tonight to protect against the frost. After losing almost half of my plants to the first round…rather, they took quite a beating, I don’t want to do that again. It might actually kill the ones that scrapped by.

6. Perhaps the one I don’t want to talk about the most, is the one that has been weighing heavily on my mind and that is thinking about losing a lot of my family in such a short amount of time. Grandma, Aunt Janice, Aunt Diana, Choka Don, and Dad …. then I feel bad for feeling bad considering that my brother Andrew lost that, plus his other grandparents in that same time span.

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