A Million Bucks

That is how I feel today. I feel like a million bucks. Apparently those three or four days of being mildly sick, with a new symptom every day and ever decreasing amount of energy accumulated into an all out war two days ago. Tuesday morning I woke up and felt that heavy, snot pressure on top of my mouth where my sinuses drain, and though I felt crappy I was sure that it was the last stage of fighting off this cold and that I was going to be feeling much better by the evening. Instead I made plans to take Morella to Target to shop with friends and then go for lunch, even though I was losing steam for it by the minute. By the 10:30 go time, Neeners went down for a nap and I decided I needed to take advantage of the golden opportunity to get Morella out of the house for one on one time while Tim stayed home and worked peacefully.

It was at Target that I realized, much to my dismay, that I was actually getting worse and was full out sneezing into my coat, blowing my nose and sanitizing my hand too much — sick. Still, I bullied through. After a nice lunch, we came back and Cullen and Morella played in the backyard while Hilary and I sat comfortably on the back patio. I didn’t talk much, as I was getting sicker by the minute, but since I had to be awake and watching the kids — it was a nice way to pass the time. Eventually Hilary had to go, and it was about 3 which meant Tim was done for the day and offered to watch the girls. At that point I needed to lay down and stop being, and so I took him up on the offer. From about 4:00 to 9:00 yesterday evening – I was pretty much out of commission. I had the worst night sleep ever, I ached everywhere including my head, my chest burned with every cough … just ugh.

Anyway. Tim was able to take the day off and watch the girls. He floated it — no one got dressed, almost all food was previously frozen, and lots of TV was consumed. However, he did take them to the park for two hours on Tuesday, there was lots of book reading, coloring and playing ‘Jump.” Most importantly, he was there to take care of them while I recovered. It was nice, and though I fully intended on telling him to go to work, I am glad that he stayed home. :) Thanks Darling.

That brings us to today. I feel awesome! I guess I really was sick for about a week, and that last two days were just the all out battle end of it. I feel like I have the motivation and energy to do everything I ever wanted to do. Except, when I do get started on stuff I notice it gets really hot in here — which is a sure sign that I am not actually 100% yet and need to ease into it. That said, I feel like I accomplished tons of stuff today – I made the coffee, opened the drapes, wrote my Mom, wrote a birthday car (on time!), bathed the girls and washed their hair, fed them, got them dressed (twice), killed all the ant houses on the patio (pouring soapy water over everything), cleaned a stinky garbage can, set up an old boom box for outside music (radio only), and worked on starting my outside office. We are going to be spending a lot of time outside this summer and I thought it would be nice to have an outside station set up for things I want to do, like write, listen to music, look at the Ipad, etc.

It is almost noon. Neeners laid down for a nap at 11:30. She has been hitting the nap time sack early these days — from 10:30-11:30 and sleeping for three hours. I was hoping that Morella would follow suite this morning but even 11:30 is too much to ask. OH well. I could work on making that fry bread that I have been wanting to do all week and cleaning up the kitchen! Maybe make a list of all the stuff I want to do. A grand big to do list sort of thing. Yeah.

Welcome back world! I missed you.

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