Shared Room Milestone

Thursday is Tim’s gaming night, so it’s kind of weird that I even did this on a night I would be on my own. Or maybe that is why I did it. Or maybe it is because I was getting extremely fatigued of Neeners night time nursing habits and want to cut them out…and get her out of my room. I love her. I love our special time, but she is almost two and the words of advice from a fellow play group Mom whose baby loves to nurse almost obsessively “The nursing habits of a two year are hard to change” ring through my head with each passing month. It’s not like I would stop cold turkey, but come on, she is still nursing TWICE at night…at least. The 12 time, and the 4-5 time slot, not including bedtime nursing and getting up nursing, nap nursing, nursing when she want to nursing (which feels like a lot lately, and that is probably because of her tooth and maybe a milk supply decrease from being sick).

It was a busy day. I made fry bread for the first time since…high school. It was better than the high school version but dense (yet not brick like) and bland (but not disgusting). More practice I suppose. It’s just too bad it makes such a huge batch… I should try making a smaller batch. Work on that or something…but I have never seen anyone make a small batch. The shortening that you have to use to use is such a large amount that it almost isn’t worth doing a smaller batch. Anyway. I still shared it with my neighbors who don’t know any better. ;) Morella and I made cinnamon rolls from scratch. She loved the spreading of butter/honey on the pastry…and sampling it all.

I met two more neighbors. I got rhubarb from one named Matt, who is expecting in November. And a stay at home Grandpa – Greg who I gave a small purple riding … thing too that Neeners outgrew. I also met the landscape contractor for another neighbor and got him to agree to dump a load of curvy bricks on a pallet in my front yard on Saturday (cool!!!). We dropped off a get well package to Leo who has been suffering from severe allergic reactions to penicillin and prednizone. We played in the back yard. We soaped up the patio in an effort to kill off/deter ant complexes from being built. We watched Strawberry Dootcake. We played in the house. I bathed the girls in the morning and washed their hair. Everyone got dressed two or three times. Wrote my Mom a letter. Remember to actually send a birthday card (on time!) to my brother. All in all, probably a more goal accomplishing day than the whole past week. At the same time, my throat would start to hurt after small talking with the neighbors for a little while (also chatted with next door neighbor for awhile looking at plants), I would get over heated doing the simplest things and just generally would start to feel tired. I had to remind myself that despite feeling like a million bucks, I was practically bedridden yesterday.

Well to top it all off, Neeners and Morella have been playing “sleep” a lot together, particularly Neeners, who initiates it. They have sort of been playing at going to bed at night…Neeners will climb into Morella’s bed and cover up, pretending to go to sleep. But the few times that we have tried it she ends up screaming and getting all hysterical as soon as the light is turned off. Morella never bats an eye. So tonight I figured….why not. I also helped that I was also fresh off a night of wanting nothing more than her to knock off this all night nursing business. Morella’s bed has been two mattresses from a trundle bed on top of each other in anticipation of the day that they would day share a room. Tonight was the night. I separated the mattresses and made up Neeners bed in the barbie sheet set that Morella so helpfully provided me. Morella was very excited about this venture, as was Neeners. I brought in the two largest Neener blankets I had, some special stuffies, a pillow (an two small pillows for me). We put her bed under the window and I put safety plugs in the outlet and they both tried out how bouncy it was.

We brushed teeth (and I noticed I need to go to the dentist), got milk and then went to bed. Neeners resisted….and left the room twice…and chattered and then…Morella fell asleep and then Neeners did too shortly thereafter. For the first time, I put both girls to sleep, together, in their shared room. A doubly big night for Neeners because it’s also her big girl bed, getting kicked out of my room, and the receiving the esteemed privileged of sharing a room with her big sister. They went down at 8 ish, and just 15 minutes ago Neeners got up. I went in there and laid down with her nursing her back to sleep. When she was done she turned onto her tummy, away from me — something she never did even in my bed. I figure I will still nurse her down and hope that just not being in the same room with me will make a difference in her sleeping through the night for a week or two to get her used to the big change before eliminating a nursing session … somehow. I guess my ultimate goal is to get rid of the nightime sessions by the time she is two.

Another reason I thought of doing it now is that summer is almost here and with it comes trips to my brothers where she will have to share a bed with Morella, trips to grandparents, maybe camping….if she can do it there…then she should be able to do it here.

Wish me luck. I have no effin idea what I am doing, but doing something is better than doing nothing…right?

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  1. Shelagh

    Hi I used to read your blog a long time ago – and just picked up again . Its great! I think you used to have a greyhound? Are you on twitter? Im MsCatminder13 if so . xx

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