Fitchburg Days, Outside, and Books

It was a pretty good weekend. It seems that whenever I have book club it coincides with some kind of night out for me In this case, it was a ladies night out with my pals Cecci, Laima, Hilary and Lowen (with little Soren tagging along). We went to a local restaurant called Taluelah and I totally hated it and realized half way into the get together that I really dislike sitting outside when it isn’t hot. As in, I like it to be hot hot hot in order for me to be out for ages as the sunsets, not getting cold, and wishing I had a sweater (even though I did) sort of weather. Plus the outdoor lighting sucked. It might as well have been my backyard porch light. The only good thing about the night was the companionship of friends. If it hadn’t been for that I would have totally ditched the place in a half an hour.

Saturday we ended up at Fitchburg Days where we had summer fare, a funnel cake, played at the dreamed park and then let Morella and Neeners ride the train ride. I was so proud that they both rode it together and alone … as in neither of us were there with them. It was just them in the caboose. We made sure to wave and say hi every time they passed us. Neeners cried at the end and didn’t want to get out. She says over and over “Choo Choo!” She was pretty obsessed with going on that ride. They did not have a carasul so Morella had to settle.

Sunday (today) we played outside and I worked on my garage/patio office some more. Mostly it is me cleaning and organizing the garage while the girls play with water on the patio. Tim made french toast, mowed the lawn, gardened, set bricks in the front garden and some other important stuff. I kept the kitchen clean, fed the girls meals a few times, put Neeners down for a nap’ went on a long bike ride with Morella to a park by the lake where we enjoyed the immense wind and family wiith a litter of ducklings. Then we checked out a grocery store we had never gone to – Jenifer Street Market so Morella could pee and I could get something to eat. She then convinced me to have a picnic at the beach, which we did. I had called Tim and Neeners to join us, and it was so … windy. Sand was blowing around from the beach like a sand storm!

Later on at home I put on the movie Benji, gave them dinner, Tim ran to the store for a few necessities, and then I headed out for Book Club to discus Ishmael at the Weary Traveller. I hated the book, but it was a great discussion with some passionate talking. Next month in honor of trashy summer reads is the romance Outlander by Diana G…something. I will look it up later. I have actually read this book back in Chicago but I liked it. I thought it was a great long length romance and there are several women in the book club who have never even read one….so it should be interesting. I had a great time at Book Club though I feel bad because I laughed a tetch too long and hard at a joke, that was made with physical movements (physical humor is one of my weak points). I wanted to stop half way through it, but I just couldn’t! Ugh, I hate getting caught up in a strong emotion like that. I guess I like to keep those sorts of things a little closer to home….excessively funny and sad things that is.

Well, Tim is in bed now with a pillow over his head. I guess I should take that as my hint and go too sleep before 11:00.

My sinuses are finally starting to drain and I hope that by tomorrow I will be breathing through my nose full time and not wake up with a slimely, dried out, mouth and a cough.

Neeners has been doing okay. The first two nights were relatively easy but the last two nights have been a little more difficult. Tonight is day three of her going to bed without having to be nursed to sleep. Just gotta remember that these transitions are relatively short, and that the long term pay out is worth it. whereas sticking with what we knew, even though everyone was suffering, wasn’t reallly worth it anymore. Maybe there is something in the human body that helps you survive lack of sleep the first years with a baby, and that endurance/tolerance dramatically reduces the older the baby gets.

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