I forgot to post this morning! Oh…but I was kind of busy….there were two interviews today. We decided to go with the Anderson layoff (over a year ago, and she has been looking all that time, and she is really qualified. How does this happen?)

Yesterday on my way home Eric and Kate invited me over to their place for burritos. I think they have mexican orientated food every Monday. Yes, they are turning into one of “those” couples. :) I thanked them kindly and refused. On the way home I ran into Bekah and Greg walking the same way, and then into their Freedom friend Zach, who was out walking his daughter. They babbled in Freedom talk, and I looked at the kid, then they decided that they were going to have a few beers on the porch. I didn’t feel like it, and headed home. They told me to come over anything if I changed my mind. Instead, I got home and watched SG1. I love that they have three episodes in a row. That rocks my world. I started on a new project.

My new project, in exchange for a decorative birdhouse made by my old friend Jessie, is a throw. I am going to knit little three inch squares, and then sew them all together for a unique and interesting knitted quilt! I also started a card/letter to my friend Myrna. Tonight Mischa wants to have dinner, but I just don’t know. Buffy is new tonight, and my house still needs cleaning, and I have been feeling like a fat bastard in general. I know that last part was a nonsequitor…but there it was anyway. That reminds me of the first episode in Buffy goes to college where one vampire says to another:

“Does this sweater make me look fat?”

“No. It the fact that you are fat that makes you look fat.”

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