Photo Dump – Olbrich Gardens, Kids and Get well Flowers

When I was sick last week, Tim took the girls out to the park for a couple of hours so I could silently suffer in bed and try to get some sleep.  When they came back she presented me with a handpicked bouquet of “get well flowers”.  Awww, my first ever!!

Detail shot of the bouquet. I put it in a small mason glass jar by the sink window and it lasted for a week.

I wanted to take a picture of Neeners, but she insisted that I take a picture of her pony.  She calls all these ponies “Peaches” for some reason. I think because one of the original ponies that they played with was named peaches (true name Applejack).   This one of her favorite Ponies.  Yes their faces are usually in a constant state of grubby.

I wanted the girls to stand by the entertainment center so I could get a shot of them together.  Most of them had one of them being goofy. I liked this one because it looks … well funny.  There is a story here.

Fat Bastard, aka Mean Doctor (that name used to go to Innsmouth, who is now Sweetheart), Daddy’s Doctor, Arkham

Step one of killing ant houses and colonies on the patio while remaining pet and small kid friendly. Here our intrepid exterminators are pouring soapy water — a job they loved because it involved playing with water.    For the record, it did massively reduce the number of ant houses and ants, but did not get rid of them.   Second phase started two days ago of pouring corn meal into the cracks and on the big city of ants to the left.  Apparently when the ants eat the corn meal, and later take in water they explode.

I took the girls to Monty’s Blue Plate to celebrate Neeners several accomplishments.  1. Getting a big girl bed, 2. Moving out of my room and 3. Spending the night in the room with Morella.  She would later add on, 4. Not being nursed to sleep.    They ordered the chocolate milk and the waitress said she made the best chocolate in the world.    Let’s just say that when she returned with these babies, the girls were speechless.

It kept them busy and quiet for a good 10 minutes which was enough time for me to drink a full cup of coffee before I had to tackle that mess…and the mess that ended up on me.

Neeners at Olbrich Gardens near the frog pond.  I was very nervous about her crossing a small section of it because on either side was open water and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with what might happen should she fall off.

Morella and Neeners in the Prairie area which was just…magnificent.

Noah, Morella and Neeners. We had a great time just letting the kids pick the path they wanted to go on, run and just follow them around. It was so much easier this year than last year when I had to carry a baby or navigate a stroller.

Looking into the English Gardens pond. There were two frogs “snuggling” on a grate which kept the kids pretty entertained for about five minutes.

This is up by the Rose Garden. There is a handicapped accessible path up to the tower and the kids all loved running up and down it.

Well, except for Noah who decided to pout about something.

They just ran in circles down the ramp and then back up the steps.

Kids not where they should be, but they were very gentle and only smelling the flowers.

Ann and Noah

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