Dang itty. Last night I got home, and was tired and I got a bit of a head ache. So I had the brillant idea of taping Buffy…..which I did. Then as I was going to sleep I realized I HADN’T seen the last episode of Angel. Fuck. Fuck Fuck. I taped over it. That SO sucks. Sucky fuck suck. I would rather have three new angel episodes over one buffy episode. That totally sucks. I am so disappointed in myself.

After the nap I phoned Mischa was didn’t want to do anything. Fine by me, considering I was calling to say I didn’t want to do anything too. 8) He just said it first, which takes the pressure off of me. Tim said that while he is gone everyone is going to see that isn’t him that is lame and doesn’t want to go out all the time, but that it is me. Now wait, just a gull darn second here. It’s not that I am against going out and doing anything….I am still adjusting to being with just me. It’s working out well because for the most part, me and myself get along really well. Although, truth be told I would still rather have my darling around with me. 8(

Plus I go out and do stuff all the time, I just have to work my way through the winter dulldrums. I am almost there…

That reminds me, I have to email Mike and Rachel and ask if they still want to see Willard tomorrow night.

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