Big girls

I just realized five minutes ago that I had left the dog outside for an hour and half. Whoops. I didn’t hear him whine to get in because I started the dishwasher and it blocks all sound.

First let me say, I bought a small bag of toffee from U-Bake this past weekend and I can’t stop eating them. Like them just sitting on the green table is driving me nuts because they are so good and I want to eat them. I want to eat all of them, and so I will. I mean, there isn’t that much left. Maybe the size of a Score or Heath bar, but once I eat them then they will be gone and I won’t be tormenting myself over them anymore. *crunch…* So buttery good. Toffee is such a weakness of mine.

I was pretty proud of myself for today. I got a lot done and feel a little bit like I might be shaking off that slump I had fallen into. This morning I got the kids ready and went to the mall to meet Karen and her two boys. The kids all played in the play area for a long time, getting out lots of energy. We took a mall walk after that and I got some bubble bath from Bath and Body Works. I was looking forward to getting that because I had successfully used up every single bubble bath type thing in the house. It took me three years, but by gum I did it. I let Morella pick out out the bubble bath and she got some kind of flower one — but it smells good. My bathroom smells so exotic and delicious now. Well worth the $12 bucks, and it makes giving the girls a bath so much more enjoyable.

We had lunch in the food court then stopped at Barnes and Nobles for a potty and train table break before heading home. Morella sobbed the long walk back through the mall, and Neeners joined in the last bit of it. It was quite the sight to see, and hear. Morella was upset that we were leaving because Neeners was tired and crabby, which in turns makes me tired and crabby. I said that when we got home she could nothing but sit and cry. That was all I was going to allow her to do. Suddenly, she stopped crying.

We stopped at a garage sale on the way, and hit the jackpot. A kid Scootaloo in the McDonald, two for a quarter bins. Awesome! She also got some lame Strawberry Shortcake figuring and Neeners got another MLP bath pony. As in, it is a hard plastic pony that had a battery thing. It was supposed to do something but after replacing the battery, and taking it apart, it didn’t do anything. So I removed all the electronic stuff and put the shell back together and voila…bath pony. Poor Neen Bean just don’t have that much luck with the garage sale battery lotto. I also got Morella a cute little pink dress up dress for a buck and spent a little too much on a cute rainbow colored striped summer dress for Neeners (1.50 – from Baby Gap). But it is so cute!

Later on at home, Neeners laid down for a nap. Morella watched two episodes of Strawberry Shortcake (the new one), and then played on my Ipad with me for a long time, until 4:00. At that point she informed me she was tired and was going to lay down for a little bit in her bed. I said no. The last couple of nights this kid has gone to bed ranging from 10-11:30. Usually because she takes a late afternoon nap. She started bawling and begging me to please let her sleep. So I made a bargain with her. She could sleep for exactly a 1/2 an hour, then I would wake her up and she would be crabby and I would take her outside so she had to be awake. Neeners got up when she laid down and came and nursed for that time. At 4:30 I made good on my promise and woke her up. I had the distinct pleasure of dragging two sobbing kids outside for a forced walk. I wore Neeners in the Ergo and held Morella’s hand as we walked around a couple blocks. They did stop crying and I believe actually enjoyed the walk after awhile.

Dinner was leftovers. Tim left for “work” after making some stupid joke about he was going to visit his other family to Morella. I told him that if he kept it up I was going to drop the kids off at Misty Mountain where he games. He didn’t that was too funny, but decided to not call me out on my dare. :P I would have done it too, but I think we all know that.

I cleaned up a bit, I was inspired to give the girls a bath to try out the new bubble bath after Neeners had a poopsplosion up her back (really, at this stage in the game? Was it the chocolate milk that gave her the runs?) I sat to the tub and was very involved in their bathtime. I drank up every minute admiring their smooth skin, washing their hair, and smelling the bubble bath. Sometimes throwing myself into the moment to just be there and be thankful for two little girls sitting in my bathroom tub, one of which is telling me that she is my kid….is just so very awesome. I marvel that they are mine. All mine….oh and Tim’s too, I guess.

Then the girls had a massive amount of naked time while I cleaned cat boxes, cleaned around cat boxes, vingered everything that might vaguely smell of a cat pee, and put away odds and ends. I love it when the girls play together so well like this allowing me the time and freedom to do disgusting chores like cat litter, and starting the dishwasher. Neeners did have an accident but the girls both cleaned it up with gusto. Then Neeners tried out the potty again, but nothing yet. She is still a tetch young. I wonder when it will happen…she is so aware of when she pees and poops. That reminds me that I packed away Neeners cloth diapers the other day. Prefolds just aren’t cutting it for me in this stage of the game. I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for not going the whole distance, but … dude I cloth diapers for three years straight, with a year of that including TWO babies in diapers. So now I have a great setup and would love to pass it along to someone to continue saving the environment. I could tell you all of my justifications, but it doesn’t really change it. I think if I had some all in ones, I would have gone the distance, but there is no way I am going to spend the money for that right now.

It made me really sad. I mean, in the span of one week Neeners:

1. Left our room (bedtime and naps)
2. Graduated to a big girl bed
3. Stopped being nursed to sleep
4. Put away cloth diapers in a bin to the basement
5. First Memorial Day weekend going to Dad’s, without the Dad.

It’s a massive week of new traditions and building a new “normal”. It’s hard and it might explain the increased urge to eat, and lay around on the couch. Neeners is really growing up. She and Morella play together a ton, she is starting to talk, follow instructions, be thoughtful, great independent play, drink more from cups, she can really jump and get air time, run….she is well and truly a part of kid packs when they form with no trouble fitting in. And Morella, she is going through a huge sweet phase right now. I love sweet phases.

Tonight was the first night I was able to put them both down, together — without Neeners crying or needing a thousand lullabyes. Usually Tim puts her to bed because she gets to upset when I do it, but not crawl into bed with her (That is what is the middle of the night is for..uh right? ) Not tonight! Tonight they both went to bed at 8:30 ish and that was that. Not a peep from either one of them.

Lastly, I found a tick crawling on me the other night. A tick. In Madison, I guess summer is really right around the corner (despite the frost advisory tonight and me turning the furnace back on).

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