I bought rolos for my candy cauldron this morning, and have since sampled four. I remembered they used to be one of my favorite candies as a kid, especially when they were cold. I loved anything caramel, and still do. The chocolate I can take or leave.

Well Mike and Rachal were working last night, so we decided to postpone watching Willard and having dinner until next week. It worked out extremely well for me because then I had an opportunity to hang out with Kate and Eric (especially since it was Kate’s Birthday). We took the purple express to Fullerton and had dinner at a Sushi place called Ringo’s. I initially said, “I don’t want to go there,” but then Eric pointed out it was BYOB and there was a liquor store next door. I changed my mind, and we went to Ringo’s. A small restaurant with about 10 small tables. It continually surprises me these little restaurants because they can only exist in big cities.

We got a party tray and it was good. Afterward we went to see Bowling for Columbine. Michael Moore is admirable, and the movie made me want to move to Canada…or at least visit it. Then when I got home, there was one piece of mail in the box. A brightly covered envelope so I thought it was Hollywood goth girl penpal, but it wasn’t. It was a letter from my Canadian penpal Gale, who is currently working on becoming a constable.

I read the letter, briefly contemplated calling Tim to wish him a good morning, but decided to go to bed instead.

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