Memorial Day weekend

We went to my brothers for Memorial day weekend and it was great. We headed out Friday night and got there super late. The girls didn’t go to sleep until 1:30 am, which was not so awesome. Saturday we stayed around the homestead the whole day. I got some brats from Dells Dam Pork Products and the girls got a first hand tour of the farm (Neeners went nuts over the cows, and the cows in turn went nuts trying to get away from the screaming kid) and we had a big cookout over the new campfire location, along with smores. Neeners got into the action by roasting her first marshmallow. Morella meanwhile was in big kid heaven playing with neighbor girl Ginger.

Bedtimes were a big rough, I won’t lie. I was also sick with a bad sore throat and then a headache that persisted until today. I hate these migraines and yesterday I considered going through the hassle of finding a doctor, making an appointment and then going to ask for a prescription to Imetrix or something. I seem to get a cluster of migraines in a couple month span and then I don’t have problems for six months or so. But when I do get them they really ruin life. :( Regardless, I managed to get out there and function.

We had a great campfire talk on Saturday night with a surprise visit from Cody (my brother’s brother who I hadn’t seen in a long time). Unfortunately Andrew himself did not make it as he was mysteriously in Appleton with an undisclosed friend (potential girl friend we all think). Oh well, we had fun anyway. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to hear more stories because the girls were being stinkers about sleeping, but that is what next week is for.

Sunday was Powwow day. We spent 7 hours there. I didn’t see too many people I knew and just hung out with distant relatives for the most part. I think I will work on making outfits this summer for the girls and maybe my niece. To be honest I have only ever made one outfit in my life and that was in high school. But I feel confident in my powers of deductive reasoning to figure it out. I am also thinking I might incorporate the help of Sharon the mother in law to help me with sewing. Maybe go up there for a week workshop sort of thing. What do you say Sharon? Up for a week long visit with the girls and some sewing lessons?

Monday – Ghost feast in the morning followed by Flea Market shopping and ice cream eating, them Morella played with the neighbor kids while we packed. Actually Tim did most of the packing and I just tried to be still and relax. We drove back and Tim went to pick up Falkor from the doggie hotel in the nick of time while I took the kids over to Emily and Leo’s to decompress. There I found the first tick on Morella (a baby deer tick). Later after dinner I gave the girls a much needed bath and saw a tick of Morella’s head, and she found in her … uh…lady parts. It is the groin area in which we had problem removing the tick. In fact, the barb is still stuck in there, the head and body are gone. We are watching it carefully and applying bacitracin. Sources indicate that it will fall out in 4-5 days. Still, Tim and I felt terrible about it enough to fight in front of the kids. We made up though..sort of. :P

So I am actually going to be going back to Shane’s for a week on Sunday by myself with the girls. If I can handle this, then I can handle anything. I plan on being way more vigilant about ticks (checking EVERYWHERE) and applying deet to them on a daily basis. My plan is to put the heavy duty stuff on the shoes and the lighter, kid stuff everywhere else. It w/ill be a challenge without Tim to help me, but I think I can manage. Shane is good at watching them, and Gaga Lori said she has vacation that week and will be there visiting (a major reason is doing this so soon), plus we want to be there before it gets too hot. School also gets out on Tuesday so Morella will have a couple of days playing with the neighbor girls all day. It means I am going to miss the neighborhood garage sales here, reschedule a dentist appointment and I had to request an absentee ballot today to be able to vote in the HoChunk Presidential election next week.

I am just itching to get out and about and feel like I am on vacation. Time to stop using the girls as an excuse to not go. They are plenty old enough now. Sure it will be a bit of a challenge, but you know, every day is like that.

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  1. jessie

    I was just reading in The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing that they have had very good results with accupuncture and major improvement for severe migraine sufferers with complete elimination from all in some intances, especailly when conducted in conjunction with self-administered accupressure in the interim between treatments. I only bring this up because the side effects of the traditional and more exstreme treatments for migraines do more harm than good, where as a more holistic approach has no side effects with possible cure. in the long run, it would probably be economical since short term you would be saving on drugs, long term you would be saving on more drugs to fix the problems caused by the first set of drugs…it might also help to start a daily regimin of yoga or some other type of relaxation exercise since migraines are most often brought about by stress and nervous tension. try eliminating MSG and nitrates from your diet as they are the most common food cause of migraines. overall though, I have read quite a few articles praising the effects of acupuncture and accupressure therapy. I would be all for it as opposed to something as harsh as prescription drugs. My dad is in the middle of a lawsuit now because of a medication he was given years ago for his type 1 diabetes which ended up giving him congestive heart failure. Now he has both. the medications he takes to control his now type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure can cause liver and kidney damage and the coumadin he is on to thin his blood is the exact same stuff that makes up rat poison. I know, ive always been a dork about natural food and natural remidies, but I know more now than I ever did and I think its okay to try other things first.

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