Up North

Sometimes I think, if a disastrous event were to occur, that I would head up north to live with my brother on the homestead. We have a good 40 acres of wooded land to fortress ourselves with, and it is further away from hordes of civilization. Though it is almost a 3 hour drive up north, it is a distance that I could feasibly make on bikes with the girls. Falkor would be left to his own devices to follow us or not and we would send the cats out to possibly become roof rabbit stew. I digress.

Today I am heading up north with the girls. I bought a small pharmacy of supplies (pain killers, anti itch, three kinds of Deet, sun block, liquid skin bandages – along with my well stocked emergency first aid kit courtesy of Gaga Lori and bacitracin). I also made sure to buy some new angled tweezers that comes with clippers, which is handy because I borrowed Shane’s to cut Neeners talons last week and it was the first time I ever encountered dull clippers. Last night, aside from indulging in a caramel Frappichino without having to share it with anyone or hide it while drinking it, I bought a Brita Water Filter pitcher and replacements. Now, I drink tap water. I drink it all the time even though people often offer me brita filtered, ice cold water from the fridge. I enjoy the convenience of it, that I can consume large amounts of it fast, and that it isn’t super cold. However, my brother has well water and it is some of the most rancid, oily bitter tasting stuff I have ever consumed. Ugh, just thinking of it now makes my nose wrinkle. I had to gulp that water as fast I could and try not to breath last week to get through it. It was better if I ran it for awhile before drinking, but I hate wasting water like that. So I got a filter pitcher. I hope it works. I drink a lot of water.

I set up two playdates – one for Tuesday and one for Wednesday with some other similarly aged kids, and then after that the neighbor girls are out of school and free to play with Morella every single minute of the day. :P I had some great luck at garage sales this past weekend, the point of stopping because I didn’t have any more space. I got a huge carpet remnant, some smaller runners, and a nice 8×5 rug for $10, an unopened, brand new wooden book shelf for $10, a drip coffee maker for $3 (so we don’t have to do the percolator each time) — owners didn’t drink coffee and just started to serve instant coffee to their guests, and a bunch of clothes for the neighbor girls. I have a bunch of other little things around the house that I am bringing up too. To most folks it wouldn’t seem like much, or like things that you take for granted (a bathroom rug to replace the towel on the floor) but to a person who has so little they are such pleasures. Shane’s house is a bachelors zone through and through, and I plan on going in there and making things a little homey (and little more kid friendly).

So I will be gone from today through next Saturday, almost a full week. I would have stayed until that Sunday but too many things are calling us back for a part of the weekend. Tim will be working from home and living the life of a hermit for a solid week. I hope the neighbors take pity on him and talk to him a little, otherwise I suppose Falkor wouldn’t mind the extra attention. Tim plans on “eating the shit out of seafood all week”, skating, and cleaning the house to the point where it would appear that children do not live here.

I was super excited about this all week until yesterday when I started to get a little nervous. Cell coverage is a little spotty in Dells Dam. I also have an extremely old cell phone plan that charges me an absurd amount of money for being out of range (trust me, it’s old, no one had it anymore). So if anyone calls me, be assured that I won’t pick up. The best way to reach me is to just text me (texting is free…er covered in our old, modified plan). My brother has dial up, so I can check my email once a day I am thinking…. we will see!

I have a billion things I want to do – like study ho chunk, read magazines, write, clean and fix up the place, relax…..I might even work in some specialty posts. Like write them and then upload them later, what do you think?

As for now, I should think about taking a shower, slathering more aloe vera on my sunburned dowagers hump and getting the kids dressed and ready for Ride the Drive.

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