There and Back Again

Wow, that week went by fast. I thought I would have all this time to write, reflect, hike, read, study ho chunk, work on fixing the place up and sorting through things, relax….and well, I did get a lot of relaxing in. I also got a few things done around the house like putting some rugs down upstairs, putting together a bitch of a wooden shelf, fixing a support beam, going through a box of stuff, convert a tiny room into a girls room…er guest room and fixing a five ring hook on the bathroom door. But mostly it was a blur of activity. Morella had so much fun I don’t think she even thought about Madison once. Neeners starting pining for Daddy about a day ago and when we got home today she screamed “Daddy!” upon sight of him, and then hugged him several times over the next hour and was his closest and dearest friend. Morella however, walked into the house and maybe said “Hi Dad” before going to her room to tongue suck. I think her week of solid partying, staying up every night until 11-12, and getting up around 6-8 finally caught up with her. She was a miserable, crying beast this morning and passed out in the car 15 minutes into the drive home. It was kind of funny watching in the rear view mirror because she and Neeners fell asleep at the same time. I am really struck by how much she seems to have matured in the past week, acting a lot more like a big big girl instead of my 3 1/2 year old. It is amazing how much of a difference hanging out with older kids can have an affect on the information sponges that are preschoolers.

Anyway. I am glad to be home, showered with my own soap, shampoo and conditioner. Using my own towels having clean clothes to put on that don’t smell like woodsmoke (not that I mind, I do like the smell of woodsmoke –we had a fire going for hours almost every day.

As many of you know, we had a heat wave. It was miserable, but memorable. On the third hottest day, I helped Shane by getting an air conditioner, and we slept in his bed while he took the couch. But since I want to get started on playing Borderlands with Tim and drinking margarita’s…oh wait he had to do his ho chunk studying. I will join him on this venture one day. He started a new habit of studying a half an hour every day. It’s good so far….I feel a like a total slacker and loser. Let’s just jump to the highlights shall we?

–Took Morella and Neeners to a real beach for the first time. I even bought my first swimsuit in 17 years and wore it. I had to get Morella a second swimsuit because I forgot to bring hers from home. She pretty much lived in a swim suit for two days, and I suspect it is going to be her fashion item of choice. They had so much fun playing in the water with her other “big girl friends” followed by ice cream afterwards at the little camping store.

–All the girls played in an inflatable pool for hours and hours

–Visited my Mom and brought her a birthday present. For her birthday this year I decided to make her bed. I bought new sheets, pillow cases and a beautiful blanket to go on top, along with a new foam memory pillow and regular pillow in case she didn’t like it. She said it was the first time that her bed had been made in years, and I believe it, and that she had never had anything so nice. She hasn’t been feeling very well lately and has been sleeping a lot so I wanted to give her something that would help make her life easier. I also bought her flowers, diet coke and cupcakes which we all shared. As an added bonus I went into storage things in the shed that hasn’t seen the light of day in 18 years and found the two things she wanted most – a collection of agates that we had collected in my childhood and a collection of letters from her parents to each other during the war. I am proud to say that I braved that shed, with a bawling Neeners haranguing me at every turn in the dim light to find these items. I also found an old doll I loved as a kid, some legos, a box of miscellaneous bills and letters which turned out to be a gold mine of correspondence. I also found a box of Mom’s old art stuff from when she went to Art school that I know she would like. So was pleased that I was able to give her those losts things for her birthday too. The best part was that we didn’t call to tell her we were coming until we left. She didn’t spend a week getting little to no sleep worrying about the visit and being a zombie when we did finally arrive. She was actually awake and rather chipper which was such a nice change of pace.

–Playdate with a family who is only speaking Ho-Chunk to their kids so that they are bilingual. It’s really cool and something to see/hear in person. My brother came along for his first playdate to help get the air conditioner and get out and about. The date went well and all the kids seemed to have a good time. As it is with playdates I wish I could have talked more … but it was the first time we were meeting so there is that to consider. I have often been accused of asking too many questions and making one feel as if they are being interrogated. I can’t help it…I just want to know everything.

–Morella watched Tangled for the first time and liked it. I don’t think she was too scared — Tinker Belle and the Lost Treasure, however was too scary. Nutter butter because it was actually a good movie. I had a hard time explaining to the older girls that Morella doesn’t like scary, exciting, or tense movies because she rarely watches them — and gets too emotionally involved.

–I got a princess scooter at a garage sale the week before for $4, and brought it with me. Morella rode it around and around on the cement where Grandma’s old trailer used to be. She went from just learning to balance to full on pushing and coasting for several seconds by the end. I am excited for Tim to see how good she is at it tomorrow. She spent hours playing on her scooter.

–I had some drinks with my brothers around the campfire last night and at some point I started arm wrestling my little brother (he is 20) and he couldn’t beat me. We tied on the right side and I beat him on the left. I think both he and my older brother were shocked. Dude, doing pushups everyday will do that too you. Speaking of which I need to get back on that horse now that mini-vacation one is over.

There were plenty of people visiting and stopping by. I like that. I remember that from growing up, and I know it bugs people when I just show up at their house on a whim for a short visit or whatever without calling or making elaborate plans first, but it is what I am used to. I don’t care if your house is clean or whatever — we can always stand outside on the porch. I am there to visit you, not to judge the cleanliness of your living room.

When we got back Tim had cleaned the living room, kitchen and bathroom. I walked around enjoying the space and how awesome our house is and how nice we have it. Maybe I can use that as a jumping point to getting more little projects done around the house. Being away for a week seems to help with the motivation too. It is going to be a busy summer, I just know it. I mean, summers are always busy but this seems like it is going to be exceptionally jam packed — especially now that I know I can handle both girls, by myself in less than ideal places.

Oh time to play!

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