Bay Beach and Menards

I will get to pictures as soon as I get to the desktop….and want to be there. For now I am enjoying how awesome it is to sit on my couch with an ice cold beer and being on the internet in the comfort of my own home. One thing about traveling that I appreciate is that it makes you love your own place so much more. The girls went down tonight at a glorious 7:45 and I have spent the last hour catching up on blogs, Facebook — and I would like to say email, but no one emails me anymore.

Sunday we went to a birthday party/going away party for one of Morella’s friend’s from Eastside Playgroup. I am also sorry to see one of our core members of our Bookclub heading off to the East for greener pastures. After that we went to Verona for their Hometown Days parade. It was an especially good parade because the route passed Tim’s office and they had prime spots blocked off, in the shade. Not that we needed to worry about the shade much, because the weather was absolutely perfect. Sunny, but in the low 70′s. There were also other little kids for Morella and Neeners to hang out with and fight over candy thrown to them. I was quite shocked to see them hand out Popsicles, snow cones and freezer pops, t-shirts, blow up toys and a frisbee, in addition to the regular parade candy. It was the girl’s first real, enjoyable parade (sure we have been to others but they were too little to really get it, and the St. Patrick’s Day parade I dragged them too was too cold). As soon as we got back from the parade, the girl’s paternal grandparents showed up for a nice long visit. We ended up grilling some chicken and using our first CSA vegetables for dinner, along with some melon. During the visit, we figured out the best time to go up and visit them to take a trip to Bay Beach would be this week. So we made plans to head up there on Tuesday night and return Thursday.

And that, my friends, is what we did. In short, the weather was totally crappy yesterday. It rained and was cold, but we still went. Neeners loved the place, but Morella seemed to have lost enthusiasm for it after it started to rain (which unfortunately was at the same time she went on her first ride). We managed 3 1/2 rides (jeeps, a boat ride that Neeners wanted to stop after one spin around the circle), the carousal, and the train. We had a long leisurely lunch in the big white building with food that was very reasonably priced. All in all, Bay Beach was great for a budget and barring future crappy weather I would totally go back! Next up, is checking out Little Amerika, which is a little more local. We capped off yesterday by eating a great dinner and watching most of Pete’s Dragon. I kind of liked the movie, and could probably watch the whole thing uninterrupted. Even Morella was able to make it through most of it, and trust me folks, she is a total scardy cat when it comes to movies. Anything even remotely “exiting” is too scary. Neeners of course, couldn’t care less.

Today we got up, cleaned up our mess and headed out to visit my college friend Sarah and her two kids on our way back to Madison. Morella greeted them at the door bearing birthday gifts and saying “Happy Birthday!” It was not my idea for her to do this …. she had the idea on her own. I think she got into the habit of it after going to my Mom’s last week and bearing gifts with a ‘Happy Birthday.’ I think she likes being a Birthday Fairy. The kids played, the adults chatted (I think it is the most actual talking I have done with another person in a long time), had lunch and went for a short walk. These days I really appreciate having the girls hang out with other kids. Having them play with other kids, especially if they are older, frees up so much more head space for me. I am excited to explore this theory more tomorrow when our young Mother’s Helper arrives to play with the girls.

The drive home was uneventful. Tim had dinner made when we arrived which was a nice surprise. He left soon after for his Thursday night game night, but at least the girls got to see him for a few minutes. Then we had a big dance party watching the dance segments from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ which I started taping. We just fast forward through until they dance. I could not believe the moves these kids were doing. Even Neeners was amazing, and Morella’s hand stand break dancing move is awesome — that girl can actually hold it for more than a second. She learned it of course from watching the Fresh Beat Band. :P I am so glad that all that dancing with the girls is starting to pay off.

I guess it is time to settle back into the swing of things a little here and enjoy summer a bit more. I have had a great time traveling and will admit it is a wonderful feeling to be able to just pick up and go without a whole lot of worry. I can do it! Even if I do forget Morella’s underwear, deodorant, or the camera battery recharger. That said, I think Neeners needs a little stay at home time. She was the one who cried about wanting to go home this week, and missed her Daddy. Morella is just in search of the next big kid, to have play with her. I also wouldn’t mind a few more lazy days like we had on Monday where I didn’t commit to anything, though we did end up going to Menards to get a fence for our garden because Morella wanted to go somewhere in the afternoon.

Oh man Neeners threw a mighty fit in Menards because she kept standing up in the cart. I counted her twice before she hit three and I had to give her a time out – sitting in the car seat part with the strap on. How this child howled, I can not begin to describe, all I can say is that everyone within half a store made sure to look at us. I was quite surprised and pleased to notice that Morella and I were able to ignore her with ease. Heck, we even had a conversation about some soda in between howls. I think in the end though, folks were happy when her time out was over. ;)

I noticed though she had cut another tooth on the top and is cutting another on her lower left jaw. Finally she is getting some teeth…it explains why she is so grumpy.

Disgusting — I just saw a house centipede cross my floor to under the couch. I hate hate hate these fucking things. I tried to kill it with a file folder but I think it got away. To haunt me in my sleep — I am sure or end up on the wall so that the girls can point it out tomorrow and see their Mom freak out. :P

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