Smattering of summer stuff in pictures (part 1)

Cows on Parade up at the Capitol followed by shopping at the Farmer’s Market. Ran into Chuck, Kathleen and Daphne but didn’t take pictures.

Ride the Drive 2011 — Morella’s and Tim’s third time, and Neeners and I second.

A brigade of Princesses showed up to dance in the tunnel under Monona Terrace for Ride the Drive. Morella was very impressed.

A playdate with some Ho Chunk speaking kids and their cool Mom. Here is a great show of Neeners getting elbowed out for a change, as you can tell she wasn’t pleased.

The kids are all climbing flower mountain by themselves. Builds character yo.

Playing in the mud at my brother’s in Dells Dam.

A close up of Neeners really getting into it. I have to remember to bring twice as many pants as I think I need to bring next time.

While Neeners is playing in the mud, Tega Shane watch the girls play in the inflatable swimming pool on one of the hottest days of the year.

This is about as into it as Morella got.

While the older girls were a little more gung ho about getting wet. My guess is that by next year, Morella and Neeners will be more enthusiastic about getting more than their legs and butt wet.

One day, Shane and I took them all to the Russel County beach in Hatfield. It was awesome. I wish we had a beach like that nearby, and it was free.

Morella wanted me to know every other minute, that she was a big girl and could go into the water herself.

Morella loved the beach.

My little swimsuit models.

Neeners didn’t want to get wet past her knees, even when I was playing with her.

After eating ice cream, Morella demanded that everyone follow her into the woods for “an adventure.”

Exploring and looking for the pony princess castle.

My brother Shane.

Hey would you look at that? I was there too! I chopped off an inch on those ridiculously long bangs when we got back.

Dinner outside, obviously Shane was telling us all something important.

Later, we all told nursery rhymes around the fire (I turned them into stories to see how long it was until someone caught on…it was a long time).

That is it for now. I hear stirring in the other room.

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