So. The self portrait from last week can pretty much summarize my weekend. I was a rock star, and a tired one at that. 8| Friday night, I went home and tried to take a nap…but couldn’t because the cats were acting out. Then Lowen called and we made plans for Saturday, and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I decided to watch some TV and since nothing was really on, I ended up on the Lifetime network watching the Susan Miller story. For those of you who don’t know Susan Miller, I am sure you have heard of the story. Creepy neighbor/landlord videotaping the bathroom and bedroom? In any case, the woman playing SM was one of the hot ladies from Law and Order. I want someone equally as hot to play me in my Lifetime story. Alas, I didn’t get to see the last fifteen minutes of the movie, because Mischa was early in picking me up. That’s okay, but since I am a lifetime veteran, I pretty much know how it ends.

I then went to this place called Triple D’s that have this event. The first band was absolutely terrible, and I was seriously contemplating going to next door to this comedy club. I reached my four drink limit in an hour and half….and after that I morphed into a barfly, nursing diet cokes and water. Eventually the horror ended and was replaced by another band, that wasn’t that bad. Mischa was off courting with disaster, and I got to know Aric better. After awhile, Aric and I went to Neo where we stayed until the harsh lights kicked us out at 4:00, and then he gave a ride home. I found that I really knew nothing about Aric, but that isn’t that suprising…and therefore that makes it exciting. It love it when I realize I don’t know a damn thing about someone I know. Speaking of which, Mischa is still and enigma to me. Still. I might have to get serious and do some profiling here.

I didn’t get much sleep Saturday because Tim called and the cats were hellions…and I couldn’t sleep. I finally got up later when Tim called a second time, only to have the strangest phone experience ever happen to me. I got SIX consecutive phones calls, from SIX different people. This has never, in my history happened…not even when I was a teenager.

I did the dished, cleaned up the bathroom and kitchen, cleaned the cat boxes, got dressed and headed out 6.30. Public transportation was on my side, and I was at the Abbey by 7.30 to meet Lowen (and company) and Sigrid. I had greasy fish and chips which helped my queasiness immensely and some more diet coke. Then we filtered into the actual space which was actually pretty neat. It would be cool to see a club there… . The first band was Salvo Beta…one dude with a drum and another with a computer making the strangest faces. Sigrid put it nicely when she said it was like watching two guys watch a porno. The second band, Project 44 was …eh. At least it was better than the first band the night before. Everyone else thought it was absolutely terrible. Then the main course of the evening arrived: Prick. They put on a good show, the lead singer was very charismatic for old guy, and everyone seemed to have a good time. I however fought not to fall asleep….it isn’t my taste for music. After the show, I got the grey hair to sign the CD Aric asked me to pick up. He was a VERY nice guy.

We took public transport home, but it wasn’t as smooth. We were waiting for a cab, and then a train, and finally a bus for quite some time. Got home, made the futon for Sigrid and talked. But I was really tired and needed sleep by 5:15 when the false dawn started. Woke up later about 9.30 when Sigrid’s Mom called, and stayed up. Which was a good thing because her Mom showed up and hour and half early. Incredible.

After she left, I ate breakfast, watched the end of the Neverending Story, talked to Tim a bit and then took a nap. Got up later to read, ordered Chinese and watched Angel, and Buffy….then went to bed again at 10:30 and slept all the way through. I was really tired….I feel much better now. 8)

The new person starts today…she is older.

My god! Look at this! China Mieville is going to be in Madison later this may!

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