Well, I couple of ….er. I already forgot what I was going to say. Moving on.

Electroclash. It seems to be the buzz word lately. I feel so old and out of times, not at all hip with these 23 -27 year olds… Crap. What happened here?

Last night I read and read and read…and maybe took a nap, watched some TV and did a load of laundry.

Operation Darling is now down two days. I think what I miss most of all if having someone who I can be with without explanation, talk or anything (although talking to him wouldn’t hurt either….I could just use less words).

The temp is not staying longer than Friday! Hurrah! I hates him. My supervisor saw that was evident yesterday when I yelled at him for taking two freaking hours WITH the help of a a coworker to collate and slap some labels on our lame newsletter. And … now….like 20 min ago I told him I had something for him when he had a moment. Dude, I can SEE him sitting there reading the interent. What? You say I am sitting here on the internet too? Wasting time like him? Not so. You see, I would have gone and gotten the assignment and then taken all day to do it…thus making myself look busy. He is just sitting there NOT being busy, or even trying to look it. I don’t know. I heard that Cathy (the part-timer, longest been here) said that he had an attitude problem. Ha. To say the least. But he is gone on Friday…hurray! Plus, back to defending me and my slack…I can slack. I am not a temp. :P (Ack. sorry if I offended my temp friends….I meant that by merely being here I am responsible for so much more…I am not making it better am I?)

Another piece of good news, I am wearing a great outfit today.

My dover package didn’t come. 8*(

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