That Mom (curly fries) and Dad’s Day weekend

The girls are both sleeping. Neeners took longer than Morella to go down after a busy morning of TV, playdate outside and lunch with my friend Hilary and her girls (which Morella loved — she has missed having older girl time). I was surprised that Morella even laid down for a nap, I think part of it was that she thought her big girl friends were home taking a nap too. Plus last week I had bought a little window fan for the white noise, and it is amazing in terms of helping her sleep through the night and fall to sleep for naps. Neeners almost fell asleep on the way home but Morella and I kept her awake, apparently a little too much. Or maybe it was because she needed to poop, because she fell asleep after she did that. So now I have some sweet, glorious free time. Tim came home from work to work at home for the afternoon so it’s pretty quiet around here. I usually have to be quiet during nap time because they wake up from any sort of talking, though the fan has been helping with that.

Being home and getting back into the swing of things and making a new normal is always a little exciting. I feel brimful of ideas on projects I could work on – so much so that I don’t even know where to start. There is so much that I could do, so the internet usually wins out. On the plus side, if I am screwing around on the internet I like to throw up a post because then it feels more productive.

The weekend was good. Friday, Tim came home from work a little early (made it up over the weekend) to watch the girls while I went and had a drink with my friend Laima at the Memorial Terrace. It was her last day of work at a evil company and the weather was fabulous and it was so nice to get out and enjoy adult conversation. Though I was a bit of an ass for a moment or three there. You see, while I was away traveling Tim hadn’t done much grocery shopping so there wasn’t much to eat around the house. I didn’t eat much at all during the day and during the long walk to the Terrace I was fantasizing about eating and where I was going to eat. I wanted to get something before I met Laima but then held off thinking she might want to go out. I showed up at the terrace and ordered a large, ice cold microbrew and an order of curly fries. By the time I got the fries and found my friends I had consumed half of the beer and was a little buzzed, and chatty.

There was a woman seated at the table holding a baby boy. I didn’t watch her closely enough to realize that she was one of those “my child is very, very special and I am a super Mom” before I opened my big mouth. I saw that the kid was getting fussy. So I first said “Hey there is some grass right here he could crawl around on” but she ignored me. The baby continued to get fussy so I was going to offer a curly fry to him, but thought to ask first how old he was.

“Oh how old is he?”
“11 months” she replied, holding him like a hot potato. You know the type, very gently but constantly moving around him to make sure he was okay in every sense of the way.

“Oh that is great. Then would he like a curly fry?” I offered, pointing to the fries.
“Oh god no!” She replied, as if I had offered the child heroin. By now, dear friends, I was probably very buzzed and out came stream of conscious. “Oh is this your first child?”
“Yes,” she said.
“That explains it!” I said and then realized what I had just done. I immediately turned my friend Cecci on my left and started talking with her in earnest.

Seriously. I just became one of those old people that young, know it all parents like to blog about having no clue about kids. But for the record, I blame it all on Neeners. ;P

How much you want to bet that kid has never tasted sugar and his first taste of it will be for his birthday — a hand made, organic carrot cake, gluten free applesauce cupcake.

Oh well. That is what happens when you don’t get out much, your foot immediately heads for your mouth.

After the music started the baby got even fussier and she left. Probably had an early bedtime with an elaborate routine that must not be messed with. OKAY! I will stop.

Saturday we stayed home all day. I mowed the lawn with Neeners on my back in the ergo because she was cranky, played with Morella and watched her ride her scooter, got a pedicure and then we all went to a party being thrown by Laima called “Glorious New Beginnings.” Now if you know Laima, you know that she knows how to throw fabulous parties. In fact, I often try to hold myself up to her standards when I plan and throw parties. We all had a great time and ate entirely too much delicious food. The girls went to bed late, though it didn’t stop Neeners from getting up early Sunday morning.

Sunday morning rolls around and Neeners is up with the birds. We let her climb out of bed ( I never even remember how she gets there) and let her putz around before she woke up Morella. A couple hours later, Neeners is pointing to my neck and laughing. I ask Tim what is there and he said it was covered in black/grey. Ugh, Neeners and her markers. Except, how could she have gotten a marker? She had black on her shirt, on her tummy and on her arm. Minutes later Tim calls out from the bathroom that he found the source. She had gotten into one of my eyeliner pencils and had drawn all over the white cabinet in the bathroom, the toilet and herself. She had also played with the cat water and gotten every single hair tye in the cabinet wet and strewn about the counter. The price of sleeping in, I guess.

Tim left to attend Old Man Book Club at Mickeys for a couple of hours. While he was gone, I helped the girls make him Father’s Day cards and then cleaned up the living for him. He was pretty happy with it when he got home later. I made dinner and then we went to Laima’s to get some leftover food and drop off bricks and then over to Sigrid’s house to get some plastic molded chairs she had found in her garage. We stayed and visited and it was nice. Came home, put the girls to bed, except Neeners who kept getting out of bed. Eventually I left and went grocery shopping and came back to put Neeners back to bed. Then I watched that new show Falling Skies and went to bed too late.

Got up this morning around 8:30, made the girls breakfast, watched…well that starts the beginning of this post now doesn’t it?

One thought on “That Mom (curly fries) and Dad’s Day weekend

  1. Jessie

    Hahaha!!! I remember when you were “that mom” isn’t it great when you learn how to relax, ration sugar and accept the occasional fat lip as a right of passage? lowers the blood pressure doen’t it? HAHAHA. I can’t believe you said “that explains it!” OMG, I wish I was there….so funny…

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