Father’s Day Weekend, and MidSummers Eve

Man today was a … day. Neeners JUST went down to sleep after taking a nap from 7:15 – 8:30. We gave her ibuprofen and that finally did it. Her teeth must be really hurting her, she has three coming in fast and furious. Today was also Day 1 of Operation Little Brother … no we aren’t having any more kids. We are instead watching my friends son (8 wks) two days a week. It’s a good thing he is so young because he totally wouldn’t have been impressed with my kids manners. Though Morella was a wonderful little Mommy and held him, and fed him a bottle. Neeners however suggested that he go outside.

Photos now.

Tim, Neeners, Kathleen, Daphne, Chuck and Morella at Laima’s Glorious New Beginnings party this past Saturday.

Hilary and Mina at Cool Beans

I know this is blurry, but I wanted you to see the absolute adoration Morella has for older girls, especially Leta (and Mina … they must both be said at the same time).

Morella and I at Olbrich Beach

We all walked down to the beach after the girls had taken a long, late nap and we had written off any chance of a decent bedtime.

Tim found a teeny turtle! It was the first one I’ve ever seen up close in the wild.

Kids observing nature.

Lifeguard Morella is on the look out. She love the beach so much.

Too bad Madison beaches are so polluted and give her a bad case of swimmer’s itch.

Lastly, there is a house nearby that has a giant chicken in their front yard.

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