End of June

It is after midnight. I should really be in bed, but tonight I wanted to catch up with all the writing things that were pressing down on me — namely correspondence and a post. I gave up pushup, the possibility of a movie (though that was taken from me when the girls went to bed at 10:15 anyway) and studying hochunk for two days in a row so I could do this. You know what? This is equally important and I have already let it go on for far too long.

As typical for summer, the weeks fly by. It’s already July tomorrow. I feel like I fit a lifetime of things into June, and I know I will fit a lifetime of things into July — though I don’t know what they are yet.

This week: a visit from an old college friend Kersten and her son — both of which I haven’t seen in eight years.
–a trip to the Sun Prairie Aquatic Center today, it was so…very….awesome….
–failed garage sale hunting and a trip to a park for a picnic
–summer solstice party at Olbrich
–getting used to watching a newborn twice a week
–going for lots of walks
–cleaning up the house
–studying ho chunk
–saw the movie Super 8
–trying to clean up and organize the house (HA HA HA HA HA!)
–countless hours outside chatting with the neighbors, catching lightning bugs, pushing little girls on swings, killing bugs, filling water stations, breaking up fights, dancing, watching dancing, reading, coloring, crafting…
–book club to discuss The Outlander at Mickey’s to commemorate our one year anniversary!
–words with friends
–reading, but not always commenting or writing my own blogs
–putting pictures in frames
–thinking about the crafts I would like to do
–thinking about the outfits I would like to make the girls for powwows and wishing that I knew some native people that would like to hang out with me and go to a powwow. Then again, if I just go I am sure I will meet someone…uh…maybe. :P

That’s all I got right now. Tim has been working a lot these past few weeks. Yesterday he worked from 8 in the morning to practically midnight. I had very little time myself and was exhausted by bedtime so I just decided to go bed and do myself a favor for today (which worked). Hey I should go to bed now. Dude, it’s late, and this wasn’t the most scintillating of posts ever.

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