No Nap milestone, restlessness

I have been feeling a little restless lately, and you know it is in part because I am super busy but also because when I do get free time, I am not quite sure what to do with myself. Today was a milestone in that Neeners, two days before she is 23 months, only one more month before her 2 year birthday — went napless. That’s right folks, she went the entire day without a nap, and it wasn’t for lack of trying on my part. Heck, Morella took a nap, but not Neeners. The upside to that was that I was able to put her down to bed at 7, though Morella stayed up to 9, watching some My Little Pony, eating dinner (she wasn’t hungry enough for the first one) and reading. We all had also gotten up at 9:00 this morning. Finally they are catching up on the lost sleep from Sunday’s huge BBQ, afternoon long open house style, 4th of July party. It was a great party — tons of fun was had by all, including us. I know it seems like I might not be having fun because I am always on the go doing things at the party, but the truth of the matter is I do manage to talk to everyone for a little while. I am also genuinely sad when folks leave because I want to talk to them more …. but that is the con to hosting a party. I mean, yeah I get to see everyone and provide a great opportunity for mingling and friends to catch up with other friends and for the kids to play, but it just is never for a really quality amount of time. That is why, more people need to have parties and invite us. ;)

When I think about it, there aren’t that many people that have parties. Off the top of my head I can think of Laima, Sarah P, family baptisms and … uh…well I guess that is it. Once in awhile Christian and Cecci throw a shindig, but some reason or another we couldn’t make the last one of theirs. Oh wait, there are also the playgroup, daytime parties — but I usually organize those.

Back to feeling restless. I haven’t done any crafting for at least two months. I just can’t think of doing anything short term that I could do in an hour, so what I do end up doing is cleaning. Tonight’s great big exciting activity was going through the pile of paperwork that had built up. I paid bills, filled out some forms, donated money, sent a thank you card and RSVP’d to a wedding. It is nice because I got a lot off my chest administration wise, but I would like to do more. The kids in the summer don’t go to bed at a decent time, and if they do they end up getting up several times throughout the night… gah. I feel like I am making excuses. I need to sit down and delve into my inner listy self and write some lists. Put down some dream goals and then see where that takes me. Maybe if I can get on top of mundane things like getting rid of all that fucking plastic ware that doesn’t match or whatever and free up cupboard space, or go through the massive amounts of kids clothes, file, put pictures in frames, and organize the office then I might feel more like starting a really interesting project like making the girls outfits, or making jingles, or fixing up pictures/albums, or writing more.

Morella’s first day of pre-ballet is tomorrow. Tim will getting home around 4 and taking her and I’ll spend some quality time with Neeners after Soren’s Dad picks him up. I am thinking I will go to Olbrich Gardens or at least the playground with the kids tomorrow. It has to be fairly close so that Morella can walk otherwise I will have to carry someone while two ride in the double stroller. I could drive I suppose, but that would require putting the car base into the car. Hm.. Maybe I will do that. Yes, I am a wimp, at least for first times doing things.

I am expecting Morella to be doing lots of ballet practice in the upcoming weeks. I also hope that Neeners not taking a nap is a fluke and she goes back to daily, dependable naps. It’s just a little sad for me — one because I lose that free time to myself or with Morella alone, 2. Neeners is crabbier in the afternoon and 3. She really is almost two and practically grown up.

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