Things I should be doing

Despite feeling a little blue this evening because I didn’t know what to do with myself in my unexpected free time (I put the kids to bed very early at 6:15), I rebounded and today has been a good day. I think my main problem with feeling blue was that I walked into every single room in the this house and stood there for a few minutes just looking around, sometimes I even went back to a room I had already stared at and did it again. Finally I started the 15 minutes doing ____ routine and move onto something else and that helped. So in the end the house is a little tidier, hochunk was studied, letters were written, journal was updated, and now I am here updating this — despite having to settle the girls a few times. Morella’s sense of smell continues to astound me. Falkor had laid in her bed this past weekend because he was scared of the fireworks and she complained that it stunk — like Falkor, so I had to change the sheets. I also changed the pillow case, to which she protested saying it wasn’t ruined, but I explained that he had been laying on that too. Whatev, I got them back into the land of nod within 10 minutes.

No, so I think the problem is that I don’t have anything super fun to look forward to. Picking up toys, washing and folding laundry, cleaning dishes and countertops may SOUND like a lot of fun, but when that is all there is, it is easy to see why one can get a little disheartened. So now I need to really buckle down and figure out what it is that I like to do.

–Watching movies. I like doing it, but only if I have something to work on while I am doing it. Otherwise it feels like a huge waste of time to me. The other con is that I am continually afraid that the noise will wake the girls up more time than they already do, and when I am flying solo like I do on Thursdays, I don’t want to risk it.

–Beading. I don’t know what to make. I don’t have a space cleared out in the entertainment center to put it away when I am done for the night and I have to put that stuff away now instead of leaving it on the coffee table like I did pre-kids for several weeks. Also, I don’t know what to bead and when you have that problem, then finding all the supplies scattered throughout the house seem a little daunting. A lot of them are in the basement.

–Clean the basement. It’s stinky down there, and the humidifier inexplicably broke the last time I tried to use it. I could try again…maybe I should, then I could stand being there and cleaning up the place. I wish our basement was finished like so many of my friends basements. Then again I wish I was better organized that I would be utilizing the space we have up here, which like a 100 years ago would have been mansion size.

–Get rid of crap. But what? I am not sure when the girls are actually done with a toy….and I would rather pass it on than just donate it. I think that is a key issue there — I just don’t want to give away good stuff to people I don’t know. I want to pass the joy on. I should just start collecting stuff and then leaving it on friends door steps.

–Put pictures and artwork into frames and hang it up. The con to that is that I can’t use the hammer after the girls are in bed. The stick on adhesive clips don’t work well enough for me to trust them with hard earned motivation and gump.

–Write. I did do that tonight. I wrote cards and in my journal and now to my blog where I am hashing out this.

–Design an outfit for the girls. I can’t sew well, so I am not entirely sure where to start. With sketches? Looking through books for ideas for a themed pattern? I feel like if I could figure that out, then I could start with beadwork, leather work, etc. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I wish I had a sewing buddy that was interested in the same kinds of things. I know, quite wishing for something that will never happen and using it an excuse to not get started.

–Organize and tidy the office — which includes a billion little projects like hanging up stuff, putting the futon back into a couch, putting my stationary stuff away in something other than worn out, ratty shoe boxes. This is especially important because the office is going to become Tim’s main work office in a few weeks.

–Read. I do have a book that a woman from my bookclub lent me and assured me was good. I guess I could start with that…and I should read the next pick for the book club –Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America by Stephen Bloom.

–Find ways to study hochunk more…and better. Stop being so old and let the information soak into my brain so I can become a natural overnight. :P

Well I guess those are the ones on the top of my head. I have also been fantasizing about traveling lately. Trying to think of the places in the world I would like to go and who I would like to visit. Work is tossing around sending Tim to India for a couple of weeks. Before when the idea came up I squashed it like a bug and never looked back. Neeners was too little and I didn’t feel I could hack it on my own for that long. Times have changed and the kids are older and now I could hack it on my own and to deny Tim the opportunity to go to India….well, yes he would have to work most of it, but he would be in INDIA! How awesome is that? And then the real teaser…is that if he goes and still manages to stick with this company for another year, then there is the potential that we could all go to India next year. Morella will be 4 1/2 and Neeners will be 3 which is plenty old enough to do it. We would just have to pay for our plane tickets. India has always been one of those dream places that I longed to see and experience. For my two Indian readers, it would Shennai.

So I guess we should starting thinking about renewing our passports and getting the girls one. There is also talk of going to Cabo for week, which would also require passports. If Tim is going to do his, we might as well all do it at the same time. Even though I am not actually going anywhere anytime soon, I feel like I am the cusp of traveling, which is kind of exciting. Well, it is fun to think about anyway. I am totally ready to find ways to get back out into the world and explore.

2 thoughts on “Things I should be doing

  1. Bekah

    I’ve heard France is a great place to visit if you are looking for places in the world to see. I would love to meet my two nieces too! :) And I know Vada would love to meet some of her cousins!

  2. Jessie

    I will be your sewing buddy. I know I only show up once a year, but since I stay for several days, I could help you do a few things. maybe we can do a sewing swap project. like I can make something and send you the pattern and directions, then you make it and send me your finished project. you can write a letter telling me the issues you ran into or things you think could be done different and I can help you through them. strat with little cup cozies, then work up to barbie clothes, do a few of those, then work up to big doll clothes and once you can do doll clothes, you can try out big people patterns. once you have that down, you can start embellishing and changing things to suit your taste. Imagine how our girls will be THRILLED over all the doll clothes we work through. doll clothes by mail…hmmm. we could do 1 project a month. I have a TON of cabbage patch outfit patterns I can trace out for you…oooo wanna? huh?

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