Ugh, I am watching Sex and the City 2, and it’s pretty awful. A part of me keeps expecting something terrible to happen to these foolish, over the top, self indulgent women. And yet, nothing has happened…and probably won’t happen because it is that kind of movie. It’s like soap opera, richie rich fantasy. Is this really what American women are supposed to think is high fantasy?

Anyway. Tonight is the second night that Neeners has stayed up past her bedtime, after Morella went to sleep, to come into the living room and hang out with me. Tonight I decided to just start watching a movie, because they don’t bother Neeners at all, unlike the ever, curious and questioning Morella. Meanwhile Neeners horsed around by me until me until 9:30 and, for the second night in a row, I said “Okay Neeners now you go to bed. Take your puppy and your milk and go to bed.” She picked up her items, toddled off to her room and … for the second night in a row,….went to bed.

Today was filled with garage sales, parks, picnics, backyard, Popsicles, fudge pops, mac and cheese, sandboxes, little toad, quick bath, sleeping in, great coffee, fun friends, great husband and awesome kids.

I love summer.

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