It is my brother’s birthday tomorrow. I bought him a handmade card three and half months ago because it was so cool, and couldn’t wait to send it to him. Guess what? I have no idea where that card currently is. :( I guess I can look around for it today.

Saturday I had taken the girls with me to Gander Mountain so I could buy a new pair of sandals. Last year I had went beyond Keens and tried a more, open toed feminine – Merrill. It was okay except…the top of one of right pair rubs my skin raw no matter how I adjust it or what I do. I hate them. Tim didn’t want to say “I told you so,” even though he did, and so I went and got some actual Keens. The last pair I had served me well for 5 years. I hope I can get some good mileage out of these — and to think they won’t have to survive two pregnancies worth of fluctuating feet. While we were at Gander Mountain I checked out the camping section because they usually have tents up. The girls played in the tents, on the cots and on the sleeping bags for about 10 minutes. I bought them each a camping bag chair – dark pink for Morella and blue for Neeners (their favorite colors). Then Morella asked if we could go camping. I said that maybe we would put up our tent if it wasn’t raining. Later on, it wasn’t raining, and she brought it up. Tim and I agreed and so up the tent went.

They were all excited about sleeping in the tent. Camping out in the back yard. We brought out blankets and sleeping bags, pillows and flashlights. We watched a movie on the Ipad while the sky grew dark and the kids horsed around. The neighbors started a campfire (thankfully no singing) and tried to settle the kids down to sleep. Tim was actually ready for them to go to bed at the first indication of not sleeping. We had just bought and downloaded the Dr. Ned Zombie Pack for Borderlands the night before and was anxious for some zombie killing. But I insisted that we make it a full blown attempt at trying to get them to sleep outside. Around 10, the girls were not listening and so I sentenced them to be outside the tent for a time out. I figured they would just stand at the door and cry. What they did though, was say “Okay!” and both scrambled outside of the tent. Then a minute later, Tim and I heard them by the back door. Morella opened it up, and Neeners closed it. Those two stinkers went inside to their room!

We laughed about it and followed them inside a minute or two later. Well, that was an easy way to get them to go to bed, and we did get a real attempt at having them sleep in a tent. Plus, we got to shoot zombies.

Sunday was supposed to be Morella’s first soccer game. She is on team Unisaurs, and they were matched against the Little Monsters. They had a practice on Saturday, and Coach Tim likened it to herding cats. However the game was cancelled because of the heat advisory. The game has been reset for August 28th.

So right now Morella is in soccer AND ballet. It is just like that book Tea for Ruby, that she got from Libby. She is one very little busy girl for the summer. Poor Neeners is too little for everything, but on the other hand she is little enough to not really be bothered by it. I am so glad that they are only 20 months apart, more and more I think that, as they play together almost every day. They will only be a year apart in school and will be able to support each other, be on the same teams, have the same friends….

Tim is gearing up to go and get the rest of his things from the office and work on turning the office here into a real work at home office. I should get dressed and get the girls ready for a Borders trip to get some “big girl sticker books” for Morella. Neeners seems to be especially crabby this morning.

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