At a glance

  • Reading Dance with Dragons and 50% wishing I had reread the 3rd book before starting
  • The girls are playing with “Chokables” aka teeny little barbie playthings like slices of pizza, cake, carrots, on plates, platters with miniscule goblets, tea pots, etc with the play house and the mini Disney princess figurine collection (at least with as many princesses I could find scattered throughout the house). It is all probably going to end up under the couch.
  • Morella had her first soccer game on Sunday — if we were keeping points, then the other team would have gotten 7 to our 0
  • The kids were up until 11:30 last night. I need to eliminate Morella’s naps, when she takes them. Or if she does then shorten it to an hour.
  • I went with Lowen to one of the most awesome craft fairs on Sunday.  It was full of beautiful, artful crafts, interesting people, and fantastic ideas — not one single folksy, woodsy thing was to be seen (unless it was ironic…and even then it was tasteful). I walked away with 4 yards of very cool printed fabric, a hand bound owl journal  — let it be publicly known that I have a thing for journals, especially if they are unique, and a couple bars of handmade soap. There was a ton of jewelery I wished I could wear (intolerant to metal), handbags I would use (I have enough already), reconstructed sweaters and screen printed clothes and felted and fabric flowers hair pieces galore.
  • My Mom has been calling me a lot.  She recently came into a little bit of money and when she buys things she gets in a good mood and feels chatty.  I also haven’t been as vigilant on sending a letter everyday and every time she calls she says “I wonder why you haven’t been writing, did I make you mad or something…’  Even if we had spoken two days ago and I DID send mail in one of those two days.
  • I have been obsessed with magnets and making magnet kid crafts – My Little Pony Magnets and dress up paper dolls (failures)
  • We went to the Henry Vilas Zoo yesterday and this time Morella was enamored with the turtles.
  • Sometimes it is hard to believe that Morella is only 3 1/2  and that 3 1/2 years ago she was a teeny little infant who could do nothing but give us ulcers, panic attacks and headaches.  I feel a little guilty that I am not always spending every waking minute engaging them these days. Morella and Neeners play a lot together without me or Daddy intervening.  They are both expressing funny, adorable phrases and ideas. They are full of empathetic actions and experiments in understanding the world they live in.  Each day feels like it is flying by — I can only imagine how much faster it will feel when the kids are school.  I am glad that Morella has a November birthday because then I get to keep her and extra year.
  • Neeners is really into stuffies. I got her a My Little Pony stuffie at a garage sale for a $1, a pinkie pie/sweetie belle toy combo on sale 50% off at Target, and a Wyken, Blynken and Nod book for her birthday (her favorite). We were also going to wrap up some candy for her, I am thinking Hershey kisses.    I also have it on good authority that she might get a Harold and the Purple Crayon DVD, which she will love because it is her favorite show that we never watch because we don’t have HBO.
  • Well, I have had 2 1/2 hours to myself this morning — with a breakfast break in there. I should change Neeners diaper now.
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