July Photos Part 1

The problem with such a long delay between photos is that I end up with a metric ton of photos that should be posted, and these are seriously edited! I mean, to say I deleted 220 photos when I downloaded all of my photos onto the computer. I patted myself on the back for equating that to a couple rolls of film saved…hurray for digital cameras!

Here are the girls from last October, taking a ride in the “train” at Henry Vilas Zoo

Here they are a year later.

I promised my friend Jess that I would post a picture of Morella wearing the flapper dress she made her. It fit her now, with a safety pin! She was inspired to wear it after watching an episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

I went out with Morella on Tuesday to get her bike fixed and then converted into a balance bike. While we were waiting we went to get a cookie and soda.

Yesterday was a rainy day. I busted out the finger paints and regretted it. Well, okay I didn’t completely regret it — the used them all up so I don’t have to deal with that brand anymore. Ugh, why does Neeners always think that finger painting means painting herself?

Lest you think that Neeners is messy only with paints, let me demonstrate to you the art of eating strawberry shortcake.

One more for good measure.

Oh back to the zoo for two more pictures. Here is the first time the girls attempt one of these photo opportunities.

Morella’s first time feeding a goat! She was tickled pink.

Yeah Soren. I am with you, what the heck ARE these girls doing?

Sucks that this was blurry. We put on LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem and Morella immediately had to go and get dressed for it. It’s blurry because she dancing. Every summer seems to have it’s token song and this year it has us all shufflin’.

Morella in her ballet gear ready to go! She loves ballet. Even though parents and siblings aren’t allowed to be in class, I had the opportunity to take her yesterday and I went around and peeked through a window. She was absolutely enthralled and had the biggest grin on her face.

Morella is also in a 3 year old soccer league, and Sunday was her first game. Here she is kicking the ball with all her might. Or maybe just kicking it to get her Dad off her back.

The game pretty much looked like this — almost as many grown ups running around with the kids as there were kids.

I totally get why it is 3 players at once…the kids were tagging in and out so many times it was sometimes hard to keep 3 kids on the field (we had six) .

Afterward the kiddos cooled off with some Popsicles one of the Mom’s brought. Even Neeners got one and all she did was scream and throw tantrums the whole time about not being allowed to run onto the field and play.

At Ella’s Deli – Neeners rode one lap around before wanting off. We think maybe it isn’t heights she is afraid of, but moving fast.

Morella is still a big fan of riding the carousel.

I have a batch more ready to go, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. I’ll post it tomorrow. ;)

One thought on “July Photos Part 1

  1. Jessie

    That shortcake picture with you in it is friggin awesome. That one needs to go on her photo board when she graduates high school.

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