This morning we were walking to work in the snow and slush and were just coming up to the station at Jarvis. Just at the start of the block a … disabled person stepped in front of us and proceeded to walk very slowly (although he was trying to go fast). We plodded behind him until we barely cusped the station itself when the red line train came into the station above us. I looked at Tim and with much emphasis shot a disappointed “if-it-hadn’t-had-been-for-him” look to “his” back. Then, in Tim said “I looked at you and saw your glance, then looked the guy ahead of us. A moment later, I turned back to look at you and you were gone!”

Sure enough as soon as I finished my bad thought I hit the ground. At least I landed on my leg and nothing was hurt. Of course Tim stood there laughing at me for a full 10 seconds before helping me up. “That was the fastest Karma I have ever seen,” he said.

Because we missed that train, the old fucker who “drives” the purple line 501 decided to be a full thirty minutes later prompting Tim (yes, he is so funny) to come up with a new ad campaign for the CTA. “The CTA, five minutes faster than walking.”

And that is the start of my day. I was 15 minutes late and all worried about what kind of role model I am to Katie, only to find out that … Katie is not showing up today. While I actually believe she is sick this time, the coincidence of crappy weather and lack of Katie never ceases to amaze me. Oh, and Cowboy Bebop was great, except for the tired cliche of the ‘Am I butterfly dreaming I am human? Or a human dreaming I am a butterfly.” (it wasn’t a strong as a twist on the theme as I would like, or rather it was …but then they couldn’t throwing in the whole reality mix at the very end). And I HATE it when people clap at the end of a movie. It’s a movie. The people are not there to hear you clap. When I hear clapping I instantly imagine a crowd full of overweight men clasping their hands in joy at particulairly delightful musical scene.

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